“These Horses Are Being Abused”: Tragic Update Rocks Kentucky Derby Racetrack as Sports World Calls for Strong Actions

Published 05/29/2023, 10:22 AM EDT

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Any horse racing lover will be familiar with Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, since it has been the site of the legendary Kentucky Derby every year since 1875. This year, though, the famed horse racing venue was shadowed by ominous conditions before, during, and after the Derby. Several horses have been injured or killed at the racecourse, prompting concerns among spectators throughout the world. The deaths of two horses, Kimberley Dream and Lost in Limbo, have just added their names to this list, and the equestrian community is understandably outraged.

The news of the deaths of two more horses at the well-known racecourse quickly went viral. People’s worries regarding the site that holds the iconic Derby each year were voiced on social media, where this story also surfaced.

Another terrible blow to the popular venue


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The Kentucky Derby of 2023 was one of the most exciting in the event’s history. In addition to the odds-on favorite Forte being eliminated at the last minute, the Derby went to the suddenly popular underdog, Mage. Despite the buildup, seven horses tragically perished at the track while preparing for the Derby. Unfortunately, this fatal blow was just the beginning, as more and more horses sustained injuries at the track and were subsequently put to sleep.


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Two post-Derby racehorses were among those recently injured. After the seventh race on Friday, Lost in Limbo was killed due to an undisclosed injury. As a result of a distal sesamoidean ligament tear in her front leg, Kimberley Dream was also euthanized following Saturday’s first race. The racetrack has acknowledged the problems and is doing an additional investigation since the number of deaths is unacceptable.

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Equestrian fans raising their concerns

The deaths of these two horses, the eleventh and twelfth to occur on the famous course, have increased the concerns and suspicions of equestrians everywhere. The Facebook post about this story by NBC News quickly went viral. Large numbers of spectators came up to express their sadness for the deceased animals and their worries about the safety of the track.


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A straightforward and bold statement has been made by this fan, who says, “This is not coincidence!! Needs to be invested! These horses are being abused!” As this incident increased the total number of dead horses on the track, a comment read, “One is really sad. Twelve is suspicious. There is something going on there.”


One fan pointed out some strong allegations, saying, “It’s all about the money here folks. I have commented on this heinous sport previously. The owners, trainers and riders don’t care. They just buy another horse.” As per this fan, the sport should be ended. As they say, “When will humans stop abusing and killing innocent animals because they get a kick out of it? Shameful sport for anyone who follows it.”


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The social media outcry over the deaths of these horses is well-founded; Churchill Downs has a rich history as a horse racing venue. All of the requirements placed on the facility, from upkeep to animal friendliness, are very reasonable. Waiting for the investigations to wrap up and an official announcement from the venue is the only option for equestrian sports lovers at the moment.


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