2nd Place Runner Gets DISQUALIFIED For Swearing at Finish Line in Michigan State Cross Country Race

Published 11/10/2021, 8:15 AM EST

The 2021 Michigan State cross country season began on Saturday, November 5th, at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn. People from different regions took part in the race, showcasing their enthusiasm.


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Cross country running is a sport where individuals run a race experiencing the beauty and natural views over natural terrain such as dirt or grass. In such races, the runners as sometimes referred to as harriers.


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However, Parchment’s Garrett Winter was DQ’d from the race for finish-line profanity, despite finishing in second place.

“I swore in energy”- Garrett Winter

Garrett Winter manifested the best performance of his life when he finished second during the Division 2 boys race at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn.

According to the news, Winter succeeded in the 5K course with a time of 15:27.89, breaking his own personal best by almost 22 seconds. Not only did he make a breakthrough, but exceeded everyone’s expectations as well.


Sadly though, while crossing the finishing line, his emotions got the better of him as he made a poor choice of words out of excitement. This cost him his win at the Michigan cross country race.

As I made my last kick and the end goal drew nearer, I was overwhelmed with feelings concerning what I was accomplishing,” said Winter.

Winter’s words breached Article 2 of Rule 4-6 in the National Federation of State High School Associations rulebook administering high school track and cross-country.

As per the rule, “Unacceptable conduct by a competitor includes, but is not limited to, willful failure to follow the directions of a meet official, using profanity that is not directed at someone or any action which could bring discredit to the individual of his or her school.”

Winter revealed that he swore out of excitement and didn’t mean to offend or hurt anybody.

I swore in the energy of what I had quite recently refined. I swore when I completed the race and saw the time. I didn’t swear at anybody. I swore out of celebration with unadulterated adrenaline and feeling,” said Winter.

One wrong step and the star athlete of the race lost his state medal and turned his runner-up position into a disqualification.

Otsego’s Nick Cockerel’s victory at Michigan 

Winning the finals during the Division 2 boys race at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Otsego’s Nick Cockerel was the star of the show.

Individual first place winner Pinckney’s Caleb Jarema runs down the final straight during the Division 2 boys race at the MHSAA Cross Country Championships at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2021.

Otsego’s 23-year head coach, Steve Long, is familiar with the cross-country scene for a long time. Before the final result was out, the minimum difference in the points was not the only thing that worried him. However, it was exciting when it went official.


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There was only a 25-point difference between first and fourth, so it wasn’t just one little thing to worry about. I went through and made sure that all the seventh runners were in for every team, but it was pretty exciting once it went official, and they announced it,” said Long.

Nick Cockerel had a clear goal in his mind to make it in the all-state this year. Safe to say, his efforts paid off when he finished first in the race.


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