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Watch: Lindsey Vonn Crushes Abs Work Out With Her Newest Family Member

Published 04/30/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

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There aren’t a lot of things that beat the intrigue of a peek into your favorite athlete’s life. Be it a workout session or a party, it is always great to see athletes away from their sports, doing something else. Lindsey Vonn is a personality that has entertained people both on and off track.

A humanitarian and a pet-lover, Vonn has always been very involved in giving back to the community. Earlier this year, she had some saddening news for the fans. But now, there’s a new member in the Vonn family.


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 Lindsey Vonn shares an adorable video on Instagram

Vonn has always been a huge dog lover. She has actively adopted and rescued them. Earlier this year, her dog ‘Bear’ had tragically passed away after suffering from cancer. Having undergone a grieving period, Vonn recently hinted at a possible new addition to the family.


She has since adopted ‘Jade,’ who is another rescue dog. In a recent Instagram post, Vonn uploaded a video of her workout session with Jade. She captioned the post saying, “Dogs make everything better….even workouts.”


In the adorable video, we see Jade wanting constant attention. The rescue dog is constantly waiting for her new parent to shower her with loads of hugs and not work out.

As soon as Vonn is done, Jade immediately starts kissing and licking her face, happily wagging her tail. It is indeed heartwarming to see such love and affection between the two.


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Lindsey’s life post-retirement

Vonn’s life post-retirement has been as busy as before, if not more. She is often seen featuring as an expert in skiing events. Apart from that, most of her time goes into being an entrepreneur, celebrity, and fashion icon. The Olympic skier has garnered quite a following on social media as well.


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She also runs her foundation called ‘Lindsey Vonn Foundation.’ They provide scholarships and programs for education, sports, and other programs to help future generations reach their goals. They also help children build confidence and find their “grit within.”

HBO released a documentary on her named ‘Lindsey Vonn: The Final Season,’ in 2019. Vonn also released a book titled ‘Rise: My Story’ in 2022.


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Vonn is more than just an athlete today. She is an inspiration to millions across the globe.

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