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WATCH: 100-Year Old Athlete Finishes 100M Dash With Style at Penn Relays 2022

Published 04/30/2022, 3:44 PM EDT

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The Penn Relays is one of the most-watched track and field events. And with the upcoming World Athletics Championships in June, it is yet another event for the athletes to show their skills. Every year, the Penn Relays hosts more than 100 different events for different athletes. The event also witnesses a one-of-a-kind lineup with multiple track and field legends taking part.

A category of events also features athletes above a certain age. These events witness athletes going up ages of 80 and above who come out to take part in an iconic display of sportsman spirit. This year too, the Penn Relays had some events which allowed senior athletes to take part.


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100-year-old athlete finishes the race in style at the Penn Relays

The Masters’ Men’s 100m dash-80 and older was one of the most interesting events to watch at the Penn Relays 2022. While there were many participants, there was one athlete who stole the show. This was 100-year-old, Lester Wright. 

Notably, Wright turned 100 years of age just a day before and on Saturday, he celebrated it by running the 100-m dash at the Penn Relays. Although he did not win the race, he received a heartwarming reaction from the audience as he crossed the finishing line.

The audience stood up to give a standing ovation to Lester, who have done the impossible at a remarkable age. He came in 7th position and finished the race with a timing of 26.34 seconds.

The race was won by Bob Williamson, 84 years of age who completed the race with a timing of 17.33 seconds, and he was followed by Richard Ocker and David Cordish, 84 and 82 years of age respectively.

When did Lester Wright start running?

Lester Wright served during World War II. After this, he started a dental lab with his wife. However, it was quite late in his life that he took up running. But as the saying goes, better late than never.


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“I guess it’s really something that you don’t often hear about and it seems like it would be somewhat novel if I can get out there and really perform,” said Wright. Lester’s wife Adele, fully supports her husband while he follows his passion.


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When he was 76, Lester Wright won the 200m at the Penn Relays. And even though he did not win this year, he was the star of the show at 100 years of age.

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