“Whole Career Was About Beating the One Guy”: 4 Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler’s Career Legacy Was Tampered by Ronnie Coleman

Published 09/17/2022, 9:15 AM EDT

Ronnie Coleman is a legendary bodybuilder who created history by winning the Mr. Olympia title eight consecutive times. De-throning the ace bodybuilder, Jay Cutler emerged as the new title contender. It was a dream come true for Cutler when he competed against his idol, Ronnie Coleman.

Cutler shared his thoughts honestly when he was asked how he felt about competing against 8-time Mr. Olympia and being placed at world number two in the list of top 10. The legend threw some light on “one of the greatest rivalries” that the bodybuilding world has ever seen.


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When defeating Ronnie became more important 

For Jay, “second place is still second best to the best guy in the world.” For him, winning the title of Mr. Olympia was not just important. He was eager to beat Ronnie. Contemplating over his thoughts after having retired, the four times Mr. Olympia title winner reveals“now here’s so much clarity. “

Elaborating further, he adds that he replays his “career over and over.” Thanking social media, he says that his fans remind him of the bygone days. The fans don’t talk about all his other accomplishments as much as they say, “You’re the guy who beat Ronnie Coleman.”


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Throughout his career, he could never control his temptation to defeat ‘The King.’ Realizing later, Jay acknowledges, “my whole career was about beating the one guy.”

The realization came only after Ronnie Coleman retired 


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Later in life, Jay realized that his career started taking pace at a time when Ronnie was gradually retreating. Ronnie’s presence on stage motivated Cutler to outperform him. Thus, when Ronnie called it quits, he wasn’t as “motivated as before.”

Jay also acknowledges his second-place consistency. Much like his rival competitor Ronnie, Jay also enjoys a massive fan following. The fans thoroughly enjoyed Ronnie and Jay’s rivalry. It was an era in itself, and as Jay rightly quotes, “it won’t be repeated.”


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The consistency that the two bodybuilders exhibited was exemplary. They are truly inspirational!



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