“Sh** I Have Been Doing This”: Chris Bumstead Feels Every Inch of Hard Work as Mr. Olympia 2022 Nears

Published 12/14/2022, 10:30 AM EST

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With Olympia 2022 just around the corner, fans and bodybuilders are pumped up and awaiting the competition to start. Chris Bumstead is also competing in this thrilling contest and doing his final preparation for Olympia 2022. Recently, he shared a post of his last stage of training, where he reflected on his strenuous last days before Olympia 2022. 

Chris Bumstead’s disclosures are important, as they show how hard he had to train before Olympia 2022. The post also shows his body condition before the fierce contest begins. The bodybuilding champion also gives his strong response to the upcoming Olympia. 

Chris Bumstead’s Frank Revelations About His Final Preparation 

In a recent Instagram post, Chris Bumstead shares how he had to train dedicatedly for the upcoming Olympia for more than 6 months. “Sh** I been doing so consistently and diligently all year leading up to one day.”


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Continuing, he went on to say that this was the final cardio training, the last massages, and the concluding workouts before the Olympia 2022 began. The workout shows him exercising his thighs and his coach guiding him. 


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A post shared by Chris Bumstead (@cbum)

Chris also said that the week had been very uncommon for him. He also implied how his leg workouts were arduous and energy-consuming. Talking about the upcoming Olympia, Chris said, “We’re getting real close to the game day. I can’t fkn wait.” This reflects his excitement about one of the most prestigious competitions for bodybuilding. 

Chris Bumstead’s Honest Admissions About His Diet and Workout Ahead of Olympia 2022

The bodybuilding legend also told how he had to have a lot of meals. “During prep, I will eat the same 6 meals every day until I need to make minor changes”, he said. Bumstead also spoke about how one week before the show, he will increase his water intake. Continuing, he narrated that just 16 hours before the competition began, he would reduce his water intake. 


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Chris also remarked that he had a specific routine where he would train the quads and shoulders on separate days. In another talk, he also shared that he did weight-lifting. However, he lifted light weights. “I’m going a plate or two lighter than I normally would”, he shared

The bodybuilding champion also expressed that he had consistently developed his lower body. His secret was to do squats regularly and squat heavily. This helped him to make his legs stronger. 


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Bumstead’s statements about his preparation for Olympia 2022 show how he has striven to build a perfect physique. As bodybuilding fans, we await how Chris Bumstead performs in the upcoming Olympia. Do you think Chris Bumstead can win the 2022 Mr Olympia title? Let us know in the comments below. 


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