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64-Year-Old Bodybuilding Granny Shares Timeless Wisdom for Those Eager to Achieve Their Fitness Goals: “We Can Change”

Published 02/01/2023, 12:30 PM EST

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It’s never too late to achieve the dream. Lesley Maxwell proved the same by chasing her aspiration even at the age of 64. Maxwell is very active on social media and even shares her wisdom about bodybuilding. Along with training and getting a ripped physique, Lesley is a fitness trainer who helps others who want to add her to their journey. Having received numerous titles and fitness crowns, Maxwell is an achiever within herself. Evidently, her Instagram account flourishes with the attractive photos that she uploads frequently.

Definitely, she is on her way to unfolding the secret behind her fitness that drives her. With a toned belly and a maintained figure, she is willing to inspire others.

Amazing granny excels in bodybuilding


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Maxwell, a 64-year-old veteran, bagged more than 30 titles and fitness crowns in her 25-year career. While most people of her age are putting an end to their work and looking for retirement, she is indeed restless. With nearly 127k followers, Maxwell shares her workout videos and posts attractive pictures frequently. Recently, she posted a picture on her Instagram and captioned it with, “I love helping my clients achieve their fitness and body goals. We can change our body shape and health from training and eating efficiently.” 


She was literally flaunting it with a baby blue sports bra and fitness leggings. Even, she has an army, thanks to her workout and fitness tips that eventually benefit her followers. She further added, “I spend my precious energy on weight training as it builds a strong body and increases lean body tissue (aka muscle) I like big compound movements and train my legs more than most people…”


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Started her journey in her late forties, her transformation motivates many. The Australian-based fitness consultant believes body transformation is possible at any age, with a fruitful diet and proper guidance.


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With more than two decades of experience, there is no stopping Maxwell’s growing agendas. She proves the fact that one can never be too old to wear a bikini as her Instagram posts show. She even shares how she invests her “precious energy” to help her clients grow and get better with the pro tips. Indeed for Maxwell, age is just a number. With her never-ending enthusiasm, she is reaching the pinnacle of her success. Moreover, she inspires the next generation to put a step forward with her regardless of their obstacles.


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High-spirited, enthusiastic, attractive, energetic – indeed words fall short to describe her incredible vitality. Have you checked her pictures? Let us know your views in the comments.



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