65-Year-Old Ripped Fitness Coach Shares Her Anti-Aging Secret

Published 02/04/2023, 8:00 AM EST

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Everyone has at least once in their lives heard the phrase “Age is just a number.” However, only a few get to experience and live by it. One such individual is fitness coach Lesley Maxwell. Despite her age, Maxwell continues to regularly work out in the gym and coach others too.

However, the gym isn’t the only place where this fitness influencer gets to show her skills. Maxwell is also a very active social media user. Looking at her ripped physique, it is a matter of wonder for fellow bodybuilding enthusiasts to know the secret behind her commitment to form. Finally, putting all the curious minds at ease, Lesley Maxwell revealed her secret through an Instagram post.

Lesley Maxwell lets the cat out of the box


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On the first Friday of February 2023, Lesley Maxwell shared a workout video on her Instagram profile. It wasn’t an intense workout video as Lesley was just working with the small dumbbells. However, it was the caption and not the video that made the big revelation. She started by writing about personal trainers in general. Maxwell wrote, “What does the personal trainer do when she’s waiting for her clients? Some training of course!”

She then detailed her personal preference. “I just can’t resist lifting a few weights. In my opinion weight training is a must for maintaining a strong and lean body whatever age we are,” she added. Subtly revealing her anti-aging secret, she continued, “You only need to learn a few movements, such as – push – pull – squat – lunge. Perfect these movements while lifting weights as it’s Anti- aging and easier than you think💗xoxo”

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This isn’t the first instance where Lesley Maxwell has shared fitness tips and openly talked about her workouts with her followers.

An inspiring message by the 65-year-old fitness trainer


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Four days ago, Lesley Maxwell shared another post on her Instagram spreading positivity about the body. Maxwell revealed that she loves helping her clients reach their fitness and body goals.

Lesley is someone who took up bodybuilding and weight training in her late forties. Sharing the key points required to bring about the big change, Maxwell mentioned one can change their body shape and maintain their health through efficient training and healthy eating. Yet again sharing her preferences, Maxwell revealed she spends her “precious energy” on weight training as it helps build her muscle. Furthermore, she focuses on leg training more than most people.


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Through her posts and workout tips, Lesley Maxwell continues to help and inspire people to take up a healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals.


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