Arnold Schwarzenegger has had an incredible journey. The Austrian grew up poor, moved to America, and won Mr. Olympia seven times. After his bodybuilding career, Arine became the biggest action hero of that time. In 2003, Arnold also became the Governor of California. However, his over two-decade-long marriage with Maria Shriver fell apart in 2011.

Currently, the former bodybuilder is dating Heather Milligan. The couple has been together for almost a decade. However, in 2019, Arnie revealed that, like his mother, he also has no plans to get married again.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his thought on a second marriage

The seven-time Mr. Olympia returned to the silver screen in 2019 with Terminator Dark Fate. In the same year, the Hollywood icon also revealed his thoughts on a second marriage. Arnie echoed the same sentiment as his mother after Arnold‘s father, Gustav, passed away in 1972.

“I [asked her], ‘If you meet somebody else, are you gonna get married again?’ She says, ‘Nope. There was only your father, whose underwear I washed. I’m not going to wash another guy’s underwear.’” Arnold said, mentioning his mother’s point of view regarding the same. The former bodybuilder added, “So I say exactly the same thing.”

The bodybuilding icon met Heather Milligan during a shoulder rehabilitation session in 2013, about two years after Maria Shriver filed for divorce. While they’ve been together for nearly a decade now, Arnold, at 75, has no plans to tie the knot again.

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His mother’s stern values inspired him and shaped his opinion about marriage. However, unlike Gustav, Arnold is a dedicated father. Despite their separation, neither Arnold nor Maria have a strained relationship with their children.

The former Mr. Olympia’s first marriage


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Arnold Schwarzenegger met Maria Shriver at the John F. Kennedy tennis tournament in 1977. They hit it off and dated for over eight years before tying the knot in 1986. The couple had their first daughter, Katherine, in 1989. They had three more children– Christina in 1991, Patrick in 1993, and Christopher in 1997.

Arnold and Maria stayed together for 25 years until the couple declared their separation in 2011. Shriver filed for divorce after it came to light that Arnold had fathered a son, Joseph Baena, with Mildred Patricia Baena. However, Shriver and Schwarzenegger officially divorced a decade later, in 2021.


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The “Terminator” star and Heather have been dating for a long time and are happy together, without exchanging vows. Only time will tell if Arnie changes his mind.