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7x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Calls Himself “Tom Brady of Bodybuilding” for How He Was Treated During His Esteemed Career

Published 12/15/2022, 6:55 AM EST

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In an attempt to boast his career-best records, legendary bodybuilder Phil Heath drew parallels from someone not from the bodybuilding community. He instead picked one of the greatest footballers Tom Brady to make his achievements known to the people.

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In a one-on-one conversation between former NFL player Shanon Sharpe and The Gift, Phil Heath reasoned his claim with immense emotional maturity. Upon recollection of the aftermath of his 2018 on-stage performance, Heath provided a fresh length to review his career in bodybuilding in a Club Shay Shay podcast. So, why Brady? Let’s find out.


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Phil Heath gives himself a novel honor

Winning the Mr. Olympia title for seven consecutive years is an honor that not many in the bodybuilding community have. Alongside rival Kai Greene, Heath blessed the bodybuilding fans with some of the best performances executed on the Mr. Olympia stage. In fact, to explain his feat to NFL fans, Phil Heath compared himself to football GOAT Tom Brady during his candid chat with Club Shay Shay.

He proudly stated, “I was the Tom Brady of bodybuilding, man. They didn’t want me to win no more. They were tired of seeing the same thing. I know seven consecutive years.” However, the bodybuilder failed to claim his eighth title, thus bringing an end to his dominance on stage.


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It was a hard time for the bodybuilder and that’s when his friends stepped up to support him. “When I lost going for eight in 2018, it did hurt. Shaq called, he was there, he called me. He was with The Rock. He gave me a great amount of encouragement,” remembered Heath.


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What struck him the most was that not many of his fellow bodybuilders or competitors checked up on him after the 2018 loss. But he also didn’t hold any grudges against them for it. He said, “As far as like the bodybuilding community, nah, very few people. But I don’t blame them. Because how do you tell a person of my legacy like how to feel? So, I don’t blame nobody, I don’t blame anyone.” 

Phil Heath’s off-court return to Mr. Olympia

Although Heath has not competed at Mr. Olympia lately, he will be returning to the event in 2022. But, not as a participant. The legendary bodybuilder will host the competition rather than participate in it. This year’s championships are already hyped up due to the incredible line-up and in the hopes of witnessing some legendary rivalry. And with Heath returning to the stage as a host, it will indeed be a special event.


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