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“Affected My Kidneys”: Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead Overcame a Major Health Obstacle to Win Mr. Olympia Title in 2019

Published 11/02/2022, 12:45 PM EDT

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Many believe Chris Bumstead has one of the most well-toned and balanced physiques among contemporary bodybuilders. The 27-year-old athlete is the reigning champion of the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique category, having won the contest three years in a row from 2019 to 2021. He came in second place two times prior in 2017 and 2018.

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Needless to say, the Canadian IFBB pro is an icon for the upcoming generation. Chris Bumstead, also known as CBum once spoke about enduring a deadly injury and overcoming his health complications in a 2019 interview with RX Muscle. Shortly before he would dethrone the two-year reigning champ, Breon Ansley, in the upcoming Mr. Olympia.


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Chris Bumstead on overcoming health scares 

In his interview, CBum spoke about the injury that he was going through at that time. Upon being asked about his illness, the athlete said, “IGA Nephropathy, so the autoimmune disease kind of affected my kidneys.”



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IgA nephropathy commonly referred to as Berger’s disease is a kidney condition that develops when immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody, accumulates in the kidneys. This leads to localized inflammation, which can eventually impair your kidneys’ ability to flush waste from your system.

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Berger’s disease usually has severe effects on one’s life. “A lot of water retention, and de-mass, especially my lower body,” explained Chris. The athlete was able to recover from his ailment soon and continue to train for the championships.

Bumstead took ‘crazy amounts of medicines’


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Discussing what steps the athlete took to recover after the end of Mr. Olympia, he stated, “Afterwards the Olympia, mainly, the medicine I took was a thing called Prednizone which is a corticosteroid, it kinda suppresses your immune system and it has a crazy list of side-effects.”

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It was not easy for Dorian to tackle the side effects. “Because it is supposed to relate to your body size, being a much heavier individual, I had to take crazy amounts of it,” he added.


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Recovering from a major ailment like IgA Nephropathy requires extreme caution. “I was only training a few times a week trying not to put any stress on my body,” he concluded.



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