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After Eddie Hall, His Arch-Nemesis Hafthor Bjornsson Destroys the Same Olympic Gymnast With His Monster Punch

Published 02/12/2023, 9:15 AM EST

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British gymnast Nile Wilson recently ‘hung out’ with former strongman Hafthor Bjornsson. But his outing with the giant athlete turned out rather scary, just like the one when Wilson chose to spend time with another strongman Eddie Hall. Both times when Wilson invited the strongman champions to shoot a fun video, he was knocked down by powerful punches.

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One key question to ask here is this. Who among the strongmen—Hall or Bjornsson—was able to perform the strongest knock? The Mountain had an interesting answer to this.

A strong punch by a strongman


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Recently, Nile Wilson shared a short but fun video along with Hafthor Bjornsson, where the two athletes tried their hands out at each other’s sport. While Bjornsson has already beaten Hall once in the boxing ring, Wilson wanted to know how strong Thor’s punch actually was. Hence, after Hall’s “fight” with Wilson went viral on social media, he decided to see how hard Bjornsson’s punch would hit him. In a video shared by the gymnast, Wilson asked Bjornsson, “Eddie punched me full wack, and it went pretty viral on the older YouTube. You obviously beat him in the fight, does that mean you have a harder punch than him?”

Replying to the question smartly, Bjornsson replied, “That’s a good question. I don’t know. Better technique though, I promise you that.” And Bjornsson did not fail to fulfill his promise. Just one powerful punch from the 368-pound athlete was enough to send Wilson crashing to the ground. Luckily the Olympic bronze medalist was wearing enough safety gear and did not suffer any serious injuries.


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It seems like Wilson would not want to invite more such strongman giants to test their strength until he would like to get knocked out again. However, while the Game of Thrones actor’s punch against Wilson was impressive, his rival Hall had recently knocked out the legendary Tyson Fury, according to his Instagram post.

Did Hall really beat Fury?


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Both Hall and Bjornson are training hard to make it big in the boxing world and beat each other at their new sport. However, Hall might have just taken it to a new step. Recently, the former strongman champion posted on his social media that he “knocked out Tyson Fury.” 

However, it was not the real Fury. Further, in his caption, Hall apologized to everyone as his attempt was not to disrespect the King. The rookie boxer explained that he recently featured in a boxing video game. For this, the creators of the game used motion capture to create their 3D model and copy their movements.


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Although Hall seems to be progressing with this boxing training, knocking out the legendary Fury might be impossible for him right now. He first also needs to take his redemption against his arch-rival Hafthor Bjornsson.

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