Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces Huge News for His 22.8 Million Followers, 42 Years After Retirement

Published 11/19/2022, 7:30 AM EST

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It may have been more than 40 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger retired from professional bodybuilding, but the legacy that he has left behind is to date commemorated. Even after so many years, he retains his position as one of the most prominent faces in bodybuilding. By winning seven Mr. Olympia titles, Arnold created an unbroken record until Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman claimed their eighth wins.

He may now be 75 years old, but his passion for the sport remains unquestionable. Earlier today, Arnold took to his archives to share something special for fans. Hmakeske an important revelation that has excited the fans even more.


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 Arnold makes an important announcement for fans 

In a little delight for fans, Arnold earlier today walked down memory lane. When going through his archives, the former bodybuilder came across his training video that he could not stop himself from sharing. A bodybuilding enthusiast and former Muscle & Fitness and Flex columnist never shy from speaking his heart out.

Showing people the proper way to work out, Arnold writes, “when I tell the people to do the full range of motion on every exercise and not cheat themselves, this is what I mean.” He also informs fans that he had a great time going through my archives for the next step in my fitness crusade.” Much to the delight of the fans, he also said that he could not wait to share more such workout videos. 

Arnold’s love for bodybuilding is not hidden. Even at 75, the Terminator star adheres to a strict routine and takes time to hit the gym regularly. In many ways, the former governor of California revolutionized modern-day bodybuilding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his bodybuilding journey 


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When in 1969, Arnold made his debut at the Mr. Olympia stage, he failed to secure the title. Standing next to 3x winner Sergio Oliva, the young lad had his eyes fixed on the following year’s title. Thus, when he returned in 1970, he ensured to claim his title. He secured his first Mr. Olympia title and became the youngest contender to win the competition at 23. A record that remains unbroken to date.

Dominating the bodybuilding stage single-handedly, he continued his winning streak from 1971 to 1975. He took a brief break to focus on his budding acting career, only to return in 1980 to claim his seventh and last win. The legacy that Arnold crafted is to date remembered in the “Arnold Classic” annual bodybuilding competition. As the 2022 Mr. Olympia is approaching, bodybuilding fans are excited. Hopefully, as Arnold has said, the fans will see more videos from Arnold’s archives.


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