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Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifting a Model on His Shoulder As He Showed Off His 24 Inch Biceps Left Models Amazed by His Beast Like Body in an Unearthed Image

Published 09/22/2022, 10:16 AM EDT

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary man with the title of Mr. Universe, has an impeccable body that can stun anyone. The man has taken over the world of bodybuilding with his physique. In addition, his sons also want to be like him and follow his workout routines. 

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From time to time, Schwarzenegger has been seen lifting models in his arms. Similarly, a picture of the legendary bodybuilding lifting one model on his shoulder while others are standing beside him, is going viral. 


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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his inhuman strength

Schwarzenegger was seen lifting models in a picture on a random Instagram post. In the picture, one model sits on his shoulder; the other two are grabbing his legs while one is standing holding him. This ultimate picture shows Schwarzenegger’s strength. 

Similarly, the seven-time Mr. Olympia winner star once reached Cannes and showcased his strength. There he shared a glimpse of his biceps with the models on the beach.


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After that, in an interview, he stated, “The body was for me a vehicle to break into the films because I wasn’t a professional actor, so it was a very good vehicle for me. I mean, it’s a visual thing. People are interested in looking at it. Being you know the most perfectly developed man. The most muscular man.”

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Further, he added about becoming the legendary Hollywood star, “When I was fifteen years old, I said I would be the best or the greatest bodybuilder of all time, and I have done it. And now I’m as confident as when I was 15. I can say now I will be the best actor around.” 


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How did Schwarzenegger gain so much confidence?

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His strength from the beginning of his career has been immense. His excellent position is obvious because he began working out at a very young age. Arnold’s remarkable achievements have set a high bar for his followers and upcoming bodybuilders. He started training for bodybuilding competitions when he was 15.


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Apart from his outstanding acting and bodybuilding career, Arnold was also the Governor of California. In addition, he also knows an estate business. All these achievements have helped him achieve a higher level of confidence. The legend even opened his watch company; however, it didn’t work out well. Currently, the bodybuilder is busy shooting for his upcoming Netflix project UTAP.

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