Every day Arnold Schwarzenegger connects with his fans and sets them a new challenge. He does so through his email-based daily newsletter, Pump Daily. In his latest update, Schwarzenegger stuck with his agenda of the week – to minimize the usage and dependency on machines. Schwarzenegger suggested different ways to do so. Moving forward, one step at a time, he has another trick up his sleeve to reach his goal.

In his latest update, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed a simple practice that can help rejuvenate the body. Schwarzenegger supported his claim with evidence from scientific research. Not only did he detail the methods and the outcome, but Arnie also explained why and how it works.

Arnold Schwarzenegger suggests the one-hour fix


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The latest update on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Pump Daily was titled, “The One Hour Fix.” In the newsletter, Schwarzenegger suggested helping the brain support the body by adding an extra hour of rest. He wrote, “Adding 1-hour of sleep to your day can help support healthier eating habits, reduce hunger, and limit the likelihood that you crave foods that are higher in fat and sugar.”

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Furthermore, Schwarzenegger asserts that a study proved, a person who usually slept for 6.5 hours at night consumed lesser calories during the day when his sleeping hours were increased to 7.5. The counted difference in consumption was 270 calories. Schwarzenegger reasoned that the change is allegedly linked to GLP-1 a.k.a the hormone targeted by weight loss drugs. He claims that better sleep assists in the healthy functioning of these hormones.

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Concluding his messages on this topic, Arnie wrote, “This adds to the growing evidence showing how sleep deprivation plays a big role in managing hunger, cravings, and total caloric intake.” He continued, “More importantly, it shows that small changes can lead to big results. Focus on getting one more hour — or making sure you don’t sleep less than 7.5 hours — to experience the benefits.” Along with better sleep, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been trying to wage a war against machines.

Arnie urges fans to rise against the machines


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In his newsletter titled, “Rise against the machines,” Arnold Schwarzenegger posed a challenge to his fans. Remembering his childhood days, Schwarzenegger mentioned how he grew up without telephones and televisions. Recalling the serenity of those times when machines hadn’t overtaken man’s life, Schwarzenegger called it heaven. He wanted his readers to experience the same thing, even if just for a few minutes.

Arnie understands that it is not possible for people to completely give up on machines even if they want to. However, he did suggest an alternative. Schwarzenegger asked his fans to put away their phones and other devices, just for 10 minutes every day. Then, use that time to enjoy the company of nothing but their brain and themselves. Schwarzenegger believes this will gradually reduce people’s dependency on these machines for distraction.


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Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ideas and suggestions will be effective in the long run?