Eight-time Mr.Olympia Ronnie Coleman is a storehouse of valuable insights, from his decade-long bodybuilding career. The 58-year-old legend has competed neck-to-neck against several strong bodybuilders and hence has the lens to analyze the potential of bodybuilders of this era. Recently, The King expressed his honest opinion on the reigning Mr. Olympia Classic Physique winner, Chris Bumstead’s, ripped physique.  

A few hours ago, Coleman shared an ‘Ask Me Anything’ video on his YouTube channel. While answering a bundle of questions based on bodybuilding and Mr. Olympia 2023, one of the fans asked Coleman about his opinion on CBum. When the veteran bodybuilder answered this question, he only had praise for the 28-year-old. 

Here’s what Ronnie Coleman said about Chris Bumstead.


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In his latest YouTube video, when Coleman was asked about Bumstead’s physique, he answered, “Well I think Chris Bumstaed is one of the greatest classic bodybuilders of all time.” He also added, “Absolutely the best physique I’ve ever seen in classic physique. Got to be the best physique I’ve ever seen, period.”

The King expressed that among all the other bodybuilders in Classic Physique, he finds the 4x Olympia Classic Physique champion, as the most well-built. Indeed, C’Bum has worked hard on building a structure that has won him the title in a row, from 2019 to 2022.

In fact, when the Classic Physique category was introduced first in 2016, Bumstead knew that it was made for him. He worked strategically on his body after winning the ticket to Mr. Olympia in 2017. CBum took inspiration from Tom Platz, The Quadfather who was known for lifting intense weights. Moreover, Bumstead followed a routine that helped him broaden his delts and upper back and made his waist look thinner. Lastly, he followed a classic diet to gain a classic bodybuilder look. 

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Besides Ronnie Coleman, legendary bodybuilder Jay Cutler had also praised the young bodybuilder for his potential. 

Jay Cutler rooted for Chris Bumstead during Mr. Olympia 2021


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Chris Bumstaed was the star of the moment after winning Classic Physique twice before Mr. Olympia 2021. Hence, fans and many bodybuilding veterans had full confidence in him for striking a hat trick. One such supporter was legend Jay Cutler. He believed that CBum could win the championship third time in a row.

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During an interview with RXMuscle, Cutler told, “Chris Bumstead is bodybuilding’s superstar at this moment and he’s got a whole community behind him that really helps a lot when you’re in that position to win the title because the whole place is going to be cheering for this kid.” Cutler also expressed that CBum had the confidence to dominate his division.


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Indeed Bumstead became the ultimate champion of the category by winning it four times in a row. Like Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler, Bumstead is one of the bodybuilders whose physique is looked up to by many bodybuilding enthusiasts.