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Bodybuilding Beast Dorian Yates Shared the Secret for “Picking Up Hot Women in Bars” in 2021

Published 12/23/2022, 8:15 AM EST

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As time passes, we all gain more knowledge and grow smarter daily. While some pay heed to expanding their general knowledge, others look to gain a stronghold on a particular topic. And when the time came for 6-time Mr. Olympia champion Dorian Yates to decide the next phase of his life, he chose Yoga as his faithful companion.

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Through Yoga, Yates understood the importance and power of focus. He understood how a concept as simple as focus could lead an individual to immeasurable success:–personal or professional. Whether it was having a prosperous business or being in a successful relationship.


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Dorian Yates’ advice for achieving a successful relationship

Soon after retiring from professional bodybuilding as a celebrated legend, Dorian Yates found the calming welcome of Yoga and meditation. And 25 years after his retirement, Yates is a new man. The 62–year-old has a refreshed take on life and emphasizes the importance of being focused in life.

In a 2021 interview with the YouTube channel, ‘Escape Fitness,‘ Dorian Yates revealed how being focused can help an individual be in a successful relationship. The retired legend said, “Whatever it is in your life, in your human experience, what you’re gonna receive back is what you focus on. So, if all your focus is going into your business, it will be successful. If all your focus is going into picking up hot women in bars, eventually, it will be successful.”


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Yates added people get whatever their focus is on, “if you focus on ‘wow, I’m broke, and my girl just left me, and I’m sh*t.’ You’re gonna keep getting more of that.” So the key here is to keep a positive mindset and focus on a positive outcome.

From bodybuilding to yoga – Yates has come a long way


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When one looks at the early life story of Yates, one can’t help but wonder if they are reading the script of a 1930s action/drama movie. A teenage ‘bad boy’ who finds sports as the path to walk away from a problematic youth? That’s Dorian Yates!

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When Dorian first picked up a barbell, he felt an instant connection. It quickly led to instant heavy training, muscle building, and the primary purpose of his life. Yates was one of the pioneering ‘muscle monsters’ of the bodybuilding world. Sure, Lee Haney was big, but Dorian was huge. It seemed like he had slabs for muscles, as Joe Weider used to describe Yates’ body as “Herculean.”


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25 years after his career-ending injury, only a few would believe the calm and composed personality used to be a mean machine of muscle and mass. Through Yoga and meditation, Dorian was able to find a new life for himself, one that brought him peace and contentment.



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