“Came From Another Country With 20 Bucks”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Wants to Climb the Ladder of Success Like His Legendary Father

Published 09/23/2022, 7:30 AM EDT

Former bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is more than just an ideal man for fans. His muscle-bound physique was enough to prove his hard work back in time. Even now, he maintains an overall good body fat ratio at 75. The bodybuilder’s professional life has always had exponential growth, given all the bodybuilding championships he won. And Arnold did pass his genes to his children. Arnold’s eldest son Patrick is just like him.

The actor/model wants to be known for his work, not as a former bodybuilding legend’s son. Opening up about the same in an interview, Patrick showcased his unique side. 


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Arnold’s son working on his image

Bodybuilding would have been incomplete without Arnold Schwarzenegger. Starting from his eye-catching body to his willingness to put in the effort, Arnold had it all to be successful. And the Terminator did not take much time to prove his acting skills. Similarly, his next generation is making sure to keep up with his father’s legacy.  

Given Arnold’s long list of achievements, his family and friends must be proud of him. Nonetheless, everything comes with merits and demerits. His son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, is known for being the former muscle builder’s son.

Even though his films and modeling career helped him gain a decent fandom, the tag of being a Schwarzenegger hasn’t faded. His name is always bound with his father Arnold Schwarzenegger’s achievements and triumphs.

However, the actor always wanted to make his own name. He revealed this in an interview four years ago.

My dad is always saying, ‘Never listen to the naysayers,’said the Midnight Sun actor. “He came from another country with 20 bucks in his pocket and climbed the ladder of success. It gives me determination to become my own person — not just his son — and make a name for myself.

Patrick Schwarzenegger started from the very first step. Initially, he acted in several Hollywood movies, but not as the star cast. Slowly and gradually, he starred in several movies, including “The Romantic Drama Movie ‘Midnight Sun’”, “Daniel Isn’t Real”, and “Moxie”. 

It seems like Patrick is staying true to his word and working hard to achieve what he said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his one-liners


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The muscle man often uses some of his iconic one-liners every once in a while. Speaking of the same, Patrick Schwarzenegger once gave an example where his father used one of his one-liners to a kid.

But sometimes, like, a little kid, like a six-year-old, the dad will kind of shove the kid to go get an autograph from my dad or something,” said the actor and model. “The kid probably has no idea who my dad is and goes up and like asks for something and my dad will just like scream one of the one-liners at him.


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How many Arnold special one-liners are you aware of?



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