“Can Call the Police and Have You Trespassed”: Female TikToker Accuses a Man of Being a Pervert, Ends Up Losing Gym Membership

Published 03/18/2023, 1:24 PM EDT

Everything has pros and cons, and social media is no exception. One con of social media is that it has given rise to a toxic gym culture. Recording oneself while working out is fine, but this new trend of recording others and blaming them for something just based on speculations is a little too much. Many times this has led to unnecessary ugly banters between strangers at the gym. However, these videos also help netizens take a stand when some people at the gym try to play the victim card. One such instance was seen recently as a video went viral on social media. A female TikToker shared a video on the said platform claiming that a man at the gym was staring at her. But when she took a stand for herself, she was on the losing end.

However, after looking at the video, it was a different story. The TikToker has now deleted the video, but the video couldn’t be erased from the internet. So what exactly went down between the two fitness enthusiasts?

A Female TikToker claims a man was ogling at her


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Recently, a TikTok user named Adriana Afariass lost her gym membership after engaging in a heated argument with a man at the gym. As the interaction was caught on the camera, Afariass posted the video with the caption “Trainer gets caught on camera being a pervert & when I stand up for myself he threatens to call the police and revoke my membership.”

The video started with Afariass fixing her clothes while two men were having a conversation at the back. As the man, whose back was initially towards Afariass, turned, she asked him if he needed anything. When she repeated the question, the confused man answered, “No?” At this, the woman sarcastically replied, “Ok, I thought so.”


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Taken aback by her words, the man questioned what she meant by that. He then added, “If you’re getting rude, you can leave.” He further clarified that nobody was looking at her in any way. However, keeping up with her attitude, the girl countered that he doesn’t own the gym. At this point, the man revealed, even if he doesn’t own the gym, he does work there. When the Tiktoker continued to misbehave, he gave her a warning. “I can call the police and have you trespassed right now,” he warned. Even after the warning, the woman did not back down.

Actions have consequences

Despite the warning, the TikToker confidently asked the staff to go ahead. And as promised, the man just did that. He asked the lady to pack her stuff and head up front. Though the initial video ended there, in another update the TikToker revealed that her membership was revoked. Later, the staff called the cops, and she was also charged with trespassing.


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This isn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last instance of people creating drama for their TikTok videos. Despite the internet condemning such behavior, these cases are still on the raise.

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