Despite Being on Crutches, Ronnie Coleman’s Two-Word Message Leaves Thousands Roaring With Joy: “Stronger Than Whole Pre-Workout Jar”

Published 03/10/2023, 9:55 AM EST

Over the years, Ronnie Coleman has not just made it in the bodybuilding world, but he has also created a brand of his own. His advice to fans, his experiences, and his words have been crucial to many new bodybuilders on their journey. At the Arnold Sports Festival this year, fans and the committee honored the 8x Mr. Olympia by giving him the stage to do what he’s best at.

An Instagram video posted by the festival featured Coleman hopping on his crutches with a wide smile as he looked toward the crowd. Since his life and bodybuilding career have been incredibly inspirational, fans wanted to hear a specific message from him in order to get some motivation. What did ‘The King’ of bodybuilding say?

Fans needed a two-word push from Ronnie Coleman


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The Arnold Sports Festival came with some of the greatest legends as panel guests to talk about various nuances of bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman and on-stage rival Jay Cutler were two of them. They spoke about their personal stories and their rivalry against each other while reflecting on how the sport has changed over the years.

There came a moment when the anchor called Coleman to the front to address the audience. He requested the legend to say his catchphrase, in order to motivate his fans. “Yeah buddy!” he exclaimed as the crowd went berserk upon hearing the two-word message from the legend. The video clip of this moment garnered many hilarious reactions from motivated fans.


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Fans called the phrase a source of motivation with comments like, “His “Yeah buddy” is much stronger than whole pre workout jar” and “Everything is temporary but “yeah buddy” is permanent”. Many resonated with the thought, albeit with some funny comments. “Oh I need that for my clock alarm” and “i had my volume off but still heard the YEAHHH BUDDYYY” were some of the top comments. Fans also considered Coleman iconic enough that they needed “a championship named after him lmao”. The Arnold Classic saw many legends interact with each other, including Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.



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Coleman’s regrets in his bodybuilding career that involved Arnold Schwarzenegger

In a recent revelation, Ronnie Coleman posted a throwback photograph of him and Schwarzenegger and reflected on their relationship. Their interaction at the Arnold Classic 2023 was quite popular among fans, and Coleman took the chance to express a regret he’s always had.

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Coleman lamented about how he never got to compete against Schwarzenegger on the same stage. Nevertheless, they were kings of different eras, and fans loved them both equally. The Arnold Classic this year was a huge success, and fans witnessed their bodybuilding heroes live up on stage.


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