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Father of Five, Arnold Schwarzenegger Welcomes Two New Members to His “Kingdom”

Published 03/19/2023, 1:19 AM EDT

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It’s no secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger loves animals. Anyone who follows the seven-time Mr. Olympia on social media has seen the bodybuilding legend post photos with his pets. In fact, Schwarzenegger’s pet donkey Lulu is quite popular and appears most frequently on his social media. Over the years, the bodybuilding legend has also welcomed more pets into his home. The father of five has even adopted pets that belonged to his children. Earlier today, the former Mr. Olympia posted a video of his pets.

The Hollywood action icon shot the video and uploaded it to Instagram. He also introduced his fans to the two newest members of his growing pet family.

The more the merrier


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In his most recent Instagram post, the pet parent showed fans a glimpse of his property, the entrance to his home, and the swimming pool. However, the subjects of the video were inside and around the pool. The cameraman filmed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pets while Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World played.

Many of his pets appeared in the video. Two dogs, one of which was a husky, circled the pool as two ducks swam in the water. The dogs were curious about the ducks in the middle of the large swimming pool but didn’t jump in to get a closer look. The video then panned to the left to reveal Arnold Schwarzenegger watching the animals from afar. Lulu, his pet donkey, was beside him.


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The video then panned back to focus on the ducks who took flight moments later. In a cinematic shot, the camera focused on the two ducks that flew toward the trees. That ended the video. The seven-time Mr. Olmypia captioned the post, “The animal kingdom is growing.” It seems the ducks are two of the newest members of Schwarzenegger’s pet family.

It’s evident that the former Mr. Universe’s home is a pet paradise, but how many pets does Arnold Schwarzenegger have? Let’s find out.

Pet parent Arnold Schwarzenegger

While two of his dogs feature in the video, the Governator has four dogs. The father of five has also adopted one of his children’s pets. Whiskey, a pony who belonged to his oldest child Katherine Schwarzenegger is now part of the bodybuilding legend’s growing animal kingdom. 


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The bodybuilding legend’s most famous pet is Lulu, the donkey. Schwarzenegger often posts updates on Lulu. From interrupting Schwarzenegger’s online call to playing chess with the Terminator actor, Lulu is Instagram famous. With the addition of the two new members, Schwarzenegger now has eight pets.


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What did you think of the video the bodybuilding legend posted? Do you think the actor will continue to adopt more pets? Write your thoughts in the comments.

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