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Female Athlete With “Eating Disorder” Is Now an Insanely Ripped Powerlifter With a PH.d. And 25 World Records

Published 01/19/2023, 3:00 PM EST

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The first woman to deadlift 4.4 times her own body weight, Dr. Stefi Cohen has 25 powerlifting titles to her name. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for her. A Ph.D. holder in physical therapy and exercise physiologist, an educator, bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and boxer, Dr. Cohen has constantly broken barriers and pushed her physical limits beyond belief. In adding yet another proud feather to her cap, she recently revealed about having an eating disorder once, and how she overcame such difficult periods to be where she is at today.

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Dr. Cohen took to her Instagram to post about her once-struggling eating disorder to achieving ‘Full Freedom’ in terms of choosing her food and maintaining her good health. Her knowledge about the relationship between good food and a good body is majorly responsible for her transformation.

In her Instagram post, Dr. Stefi Cohen wrote, “From eating disorder to full FREEDOM. I eat whatever I want, have a good relationship with food and my body, and the knowledge to make it change in any way I want. Ask me anything below!!” as she often does with her Instagram followers, encouraging them to follow her fitness routine and help develop their body.


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In this particular post, Dr. Cohen revealed having an eating disorder once but having come a long way since then. A great deal of sacrifice, discipline, and hard work is what’s responsible for her incredible transformation today. She stressed the word ‘Freedom’ by capitalizing it. It only indicates her sense of incredible relief and joy in finding it. Binge-eating is a condition that many suffer from, but as the doctor herself said, it is easily resolvable with good knowledge about food and the body.

“Was 100lbs the First Time I Stepped Foot in the Weight Room”: Female Powerlifter With a Ph.D. Encourages People Towards Their Fitness Journey in Simplest Way Possible

In her IG post, Dr. Cohen’s incredibly toned body in a black bikini and headscarf is at full display. The striated muscles in her arms and her abs in the tummy are what particularly stands out in the picture. She shared three such images in the same outfit and from outdoors.

Dr. Stefi Cohen’s keen knowledge of food intake and drive for more fitness makes her unique

Picking on comments from her IG post, Dr. Cohen also explained how her calorie-counting skills for years have made it easier for her to estimate her food intake now. It has freed her to eat at her will without worrying about the consequences since she knows about the quantity.


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Dr. Cohen, who has previously turned heads with her boxing skills, is mainly driven by her need to educate people about fitness and make strength accessible to everyone. She firmly believes that anyone can achieve their desired body, but only with the right guidance. She, therefore, fulfills that dream with the ‘Hybrid Solution Method’, a website dedicated to helping others build strength.

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Overcoming odds and coming out on top, is something Dr. Cohen has repeated many times in her life now. She previously once stated how she was too scared of stepping inside the gym for the first time since she was overweight. However, she overcame that at her will and encourages people to do so.



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