32-Year-Old Who Defeated Cancer Is Now a Bodybuilding Champion: “It Has Completely Changed My Life”

Published 11/17/2022, 12:45 PM EST

The life of 32-year-old Grace Guest completely changed when she decided to be a bodybuilder. The sheer will to get her life back on track led her to the gym and eventually the stage.

Grace’s world turned upside down in May 2020 when the bodybuilder found out that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. However, she didn’t lose hope and after going through her operation, by July she was given the all-clear.


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The journey from a cancer survivor to a bodybuilder

In an interview, Grace shared how it was the hardest time of her life. Since she was going through her treatment when covid was at its peak, she had to spend most of the time all by herself. Not wanting to recall those memories, she said,I do not like thinking about that time, but it just goes to show that you can turn life around.”

As the world was slowly getting back on track, Guest wanted the same for her life too. In February 2021, she sought the help of a personal trainer and started training in a local gym. Earlier this year, having rebuilt her confidence, Grace decided to compete as a bodybuilder in May. Talking about the first time she was on stage, Grace said, “I did not know what to expect and we did not know what I was going to look like on show day. There were so many people competing. It was the busiest first-timer show of the year and I came second in my category.”


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In the following months, Grace went on to win one competition after the other. With that, she finally made it to the world championship. Grace will now be representing Great Britain on November 20 in the World’s Championship.

What’s life like for Grace Guest after becoming a bodybuilder


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Becoming a bodybuilder has made a vast difference in the life of the probation officer. “It is not something you can just do half-heartedly and I have to be really honest with my coach about absolutely everything,” Grace said. “It has completely changed my life.”

She further added that life before the competition and after it has been different too. She said, ” If you want it badly enough you will give up certain things.” While earlier she could go out for a meal with friends and family, she couldn’t do the same now.


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While things have changed for her, people around her haven’t. She shared that her near and dear ones have been understanding and supportive.



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