Watch: 6′9″ Former World’s Strongest Man Swaps Clothes With His 5′2″ Wife in a Hilarious Challenge

Published 02/06/2023, 6:30 AM EST

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Due to their bulked-up and muscular bodies, many bodybuilding and strongman athletes usually stand out from the public. A bigger physique naturally means larger-than-life apparel in order to successfully house their muscular bodies. Hence, in a recent video, former strongman champion Hafthor Bjornsson’s wife decided to test how will her strongman husband’s clothes will ‘fit’ her.

Bjornsson’s wife, Kelsey Henson, is a fitness and health trainer and is quite toned. However, compared to the Game of Thrones ‘The Mountain’, Henson appears like a ‘lilliputian’. While the video is hilarious the contrast will surely blow your mind.

Strongman Bjornsson vs his wife


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Both Bjornsson and Henson are pretty active on social media and often post videos and pictures with one another. However, for their recent Instagram video, Henson decided to entertain the fans by exchanging her training clothes with her husband. In the video caption, she wrote, “my 5’2” things vs my husbands 6’9” things.”


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Bjornsson’s jumper covered Henson’s entire body and completely dwarfed her appearance, while her hoodie looked like a ‘crop top’ on ‘Thor’. However, things escalated hilariously when the two exchanged their trousers. Just one leg of Bjornsson’s trousers was enough to cover Henson’s entire body like a dress. But on the other hand, her workout leggings barely reached the former strongman’s thighs.


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In the post’s caption, the fitness enthusiast wrote, “Finally got him into my clothing. (sort of) @thorbjornsson🎭 Creative credit: @ashlyn.bischoff.” Besides, the couple also compared their water bottle sizes, and to no one’s surprise, it appeared like comparing a newborn baby’s bottle to that of a fully grown man’s. But the video turned out more entertaining due to the way the couple reacted to each other’s ‘looks’.

Several such athlete’s partners, who have such huge and ripped partners, commented on how relatable the video was for them. Although the clothes were extremely baggy for Henson, Bjornsson’s is not even in his best form. The former strongman champion is now losing weight to begin training for another sport.

Hafthor Bjornsson’s lightest weight

After leaving his mark on the World’s Strongman stage, Bjornsson has decided to grace the ring. The former strongman is preparing himself to stun the boxing world and defeat his strongman arch-rival Eddie Hall in the ring.


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Both the ex-strongmen have decided to pick the boxing glove and compete against each other yet another time but in a different sport. Currently, Bjornsson is in a welterweight category after dripping from 200 lbs to 145 lbs. This is the first time in 23 years that the Game of Thrones actor has weighed so light.


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Seems like Bjornsson is leaving no stone unturned to redeem his loss against Hall at the 2017 Strongest Man stage. It would be interesting to see what the two rivals bring to the boxing ring and who will be more dominant in their new sport. And if Bjornsson continues to shed more weight, perhaps he and his wife could compare their clothing again.


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