”He Had An Enormous Physique”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Picks His Greatest Bodybuilders Of All Time After Mr. Olympia 2022

Published 12/21/2022, 1:15 PM EST

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Bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger is known to make several candid appearances, owing to his versatile expertise and credible concerns along several verticals. In fact, the Austrian Oak appeared recently on Nick’s Strength and Power podcast to speak on several topics ranging from Mr. Olympia 2022 to Arnold Classic 2023. He also revealed the name of the bodybuilders who he thinks were the greatest of all times.

Initially, Schwarzenegger was asked if he thought of himself as the greatest bodybuilder of all time. To this, the 7x Mr. Olympia replied that it is a question only the netizens can answer to. If they do call him that, then he feels honored. With the humble sportsmanship that this man is known for, he instead gave names of those whose physique was better than his.


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The three G.O.A.T. bodybuilders for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Starting with the oldest, Arnold Schwarzenegger named the American bodybuilder Steve Reeves as the greatest. Commenting on his physique, Schwarzenegger said, “You know I still think that Steve Reeves was the greatest bodybuilder of all time because of the kind of the beauty he had and the body and all that stuff. So, I think everyone will have a different opinion on that.”


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Next on his list was the TotaLee Awesome Haney. Arnold talked about how Haney took the bodybuilding world by storm in the 1980s. “I think that, for instance, Lee Haney. When he came up in the 80s and he started winning one Mr. Olympia after the next, I mean he was a great story. I mean, he was a fantastic physique.”

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He further listed down the qualities that made Haney not only a great bodybuilder but a great human too. “He’s a great great man and a very giving man. There’s a lot of charity work and all that stuff, so I thought he was a great representative of the sport,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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Schwarzenegger further revealed that he was in awe of Haney’s physique. He said, “He had an enormous physique, defined and his v-shaped body, wide shoulders, small waist, and great posing. So I was in awe of his physique and with his performance.”

The third person on Schwarzenegger’s list was The King, Ronnie Coleman. Talking about the king, he said, “And then came along Ronnie Coleman. He was just another one of those guys with huge shoulders, really wide, great great proportions, and the great Mr. Olympia and stuff like that.”


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Schwarzenegger concluded his answer by saying that it’s unfair to compare the photographs of the bodybuilder from the old days to the ones of the current times. He added that there is a difference in the technology and lighting used in clicking the photographs. Hence, it is an unfair comparison. Does the Terminator actor’s belief system resonate with yours?


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