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“He Is Not Allowed to Hit Me”: Clever Jimmy Fallon Once Found a Way to Make Fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger Without Worrying About the Consequences

Published 12/23/2022, 8:00 AM EST

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No matter how hard you try, some things are just inevitable. Thanos’ snap in Endgame (although Iron Man had other plans) was inevitable. Chris Bumstead lifting his 4th Mr. Olympia title was also inevitable. Another inevitable thing is Arnold Schwarzenegger being the center of attention in media coverage. The 7x Mr. Olympia champ often makes public appearances, be it a charity event or an interview on a talk show. So if one were to decide upon doing a funny impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it would be wise to get a contract signed by him, much like Jimmy Fallon did.

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Even though it has been decades since Schwarzenegger retired from bodybuilding, the Austrian Oak still carries an impressive physique. At 75-year-old still hits the gym regularly and (perhaps) packs a punch better than many. Talking about the punch, so what exactly happened when Arnold got invited to the Jimmy Fallon show in 2015? Let’s find out.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger could not hit Jimmy Fallon per a ‘contract’

It has been 54 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to California in 1968. There have been many things that have changed in these years. For example, Schwarzenegger has had three different careers during that time span. There has, however, been one thing that has not changed: Schwarzenegger’s thick Austrian accent. It is one of his most recognizable traits and the but* of many jokes.

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Back in 2015, Schwarzenegger appeared on the famous talk show hosted by Jimmy Fallon. The talk-show host, imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent, recalled an incident involving him, Schwarzenegger, and smoking cigars together. The re-imagination went, “Jimmy, we’re going to the Havana, really want you to come with me. You have to come now! Quickly, get to the chopper. Come on, Jimmy.” And as Arnold heard Fallon, he burst into an almost villain-like laugh with increasing volume.


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But Fallon had himself covered. He revealed Schwarzenegger had “signed a contract, so he’s not allowed to hit me.” Fallon’s quick wit entertained the audience, who burst into laughter and applause upon hearing the statement.

When Schwarzenegger took Fallon to “cigar school” but it didn’t help


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Back in 2014, Schwarzenegger once more appeared on the show. This was the appearance that eventually led to the aforementioned incident. While on the show, Fallon recalled how Schwarzenegger taught him a few things about lighting and smoking a cigar.

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While in the Havana room, Fallon was lighting a cigar when Schwarzenegger yelled at him to stop lighting anymore as he had it lit already. But Fallon defended himself by saying he saw people rotating the cigar to get it completely lit. Schwarzenegger interjected the talk show host to clarify that he did so because Fallon had lit his shirt’s sleeve on fire. In spite of Schwarzenegger’s instructions for Fallon to place his cigar between his teeth and slowly sip it, he kept sucking and licking the cigar.


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Well, he may have been a champion bodybuilder, an iconic actor, and a celebrated politician. But when it came to being a tutor of cigar smoking, Arnold Schwarzenegger could not replicate his success.



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