Fitness influencer Miranda Cohen built her career from scratch at a young age. The 27-year-old was close to open heart surgery in her childhood. However, she fought her health adversities by following a healthy lifestyle. Today, Miranda influences more than 2.5 million followers on her Instagram to stay fit and attain discipline in their lives. Recently, after realizing the importance of ‘blood work’ in the body, she encouraged her fans to prioritize it too. 

On 25 March, Miranda Cohen shared an Instagram post, stressing upon performing blood tests to understand the body better. She did not hold back from accepting that she was reluctant about it previously. Moreover, the fitness influencer also revealed how she is incorporating ways to keep her health in check. 

Miranda Cohen encourages women and men to get blood tests


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Blood tests are an effective way to detect diseases and other prevailing health conditions in the body early. Recently, Miranda Cohen discovered how blood tests help people to avoid adverse health risks. To share her point, Miranda posted a picture of her muscular physique. Alongside, she wrote in the caption how ‘blood work’ plays a vital role in maintaining a fit body. 

The founder of Miranda Dream Fit wrote, “I remember being told how important it was to get my blood work done, but for some reason, I never made it a priority. I blew it off and here I am at 27 years old, finally learning about how my body is functioning from the inside out.”

Furthermore, Miranda shared that she is including several protocols in her daily life, which will help her improve her performance and make her body work optimally. Intrigued by discovering new things about her health, Miranda believes her followers should also take blood tests seriously. She encouraged women and men to regularly monitor their health as one can never predict the health conditions approaching them next.

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Miranda emphasized, that to feel great about our bodies, “We need to treat this like a well-oiled machine and make OUR BODY a priority.” Lastly, she assured her followers that they will not regret getting their blood tests done as it will help them in taking care of their bodies closely. Besides expressing health-related concerns, Miranda does not hold back in talking about her insecurities too. A few days ago, she talked about one of them.

Miranda Cohen talked about her insecurities with her eyes

Being a fitness influencer and model with a large fan following, Miranda has frequently fallen prey to ruthless trolling for her eyes. The Florida native felt it was necessary to talk about it on her social media. A few weeks ago, she revealed that her biggest insecurity was her eyes which, apparently, made her look high 24/7. Miranda revealed that she had been constantly mocked, since her middle school days, for the way her eyes looked. 


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However, eventually, she accepted her flaws and continued with her life. She also stated, “ it’s been extremely annoying as I can’t change the way my eyes look.” Now, she has learned to embrace herself and comprehended that no human is perfect. Nevertheless, many fans often expressed that she has beautiful eyes. 

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It’s commendable to see influencers like Miranda talking about their mistakes and flaws without holding back. Their vulnerabilities connect them with their fans on a deeper level.