“I Cannot Say on Air”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Shared Some Unheard Gossip About His ‘Wild’ Conan the Destroyer Co-Star in 1984

Published 12/30/2022, 9:45 AM EST

With a prolific background in Hollywood, it’s safe to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger has many interesting stories to tell. From accidents on set to tussles with the director of the film, the star has been through it all. So what was one of the most controversial stories for Arnold? So much so, that he couldn’t reveal it on air?

In a candid conversation with David Letterman in a 1984 interview, Schwarzenegger had the audience’s alert eyes and ears as he spilled some secrets about his Conan the Destroyer co-star – Grace Jones. Speaking about shooting with the supermodel, why did the former bodybuilder hold himself back from revealing too much? Let’s find out!


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Arnold Schwarzenegger declined to talk about his co-star on air

Sitting across from David Letterman, Schwarzenegger smiled as he complimented the success of his films. The duo instantly chatted about Conan’s sequels and how things would look like after the series’ success. However, Letterman quickly informed that his co-star from Conan the Destroyer, Grace Jones, had been on the show previously. Schwarzenegger immediately revealed that Jones had been more than difficult to control on set.

The star strictly held himself back from revealing too much. When Letterman prompted him to share more stories, Schwarzenegger had a cheeky response, “Well, first of all, most of the things I cannot say on air that happened because she’s too wild”. These stories involved Jones’ insane antics that Schwarzenegger had either witnessed or was a part of.


“She Hospitalized Probably 12 People”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Revealed How His Co-Actress Made an Absolute Mess on Conan the Barbarian’s Set

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It turns out, Jones experienced a series of events where she was responsible for injuring others. While performing stunts with her prop – a six-foot-long stick – the supermodel would always end up hitting someone unintentionally. It invoked a roar of laughter from the audience, while Schwarzenegger added that Jones single-handedly sent 12 people to the hospital because of her antics.


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Arnold’s injury during the previous installment of Conan

Although Schwarzenegger was spared the unintentional wrath of the supermodel-turned-actress, he never escaped accidents. The star suffered many injuries on the sets of Conan the Barbarian – the previous installment in the series. One of the popular ones listed on the IMDb’s trivia page was Schwarzenegger’s infamous back injury.

via Imago

During the filming of a scene where dogs were chasing the former bodybuilder, he unfortunately stumbled. Schwarzenegger then fell from the rocks he was trying to climb to escape the dogs and injured his back. However, the film turned out to be a huge success, and Schwarzenegger became the mass favorite. What are your thoughts about the anecdote? Let us know in the comments.


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