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“I Didn’t Beat the Best”: Despite Dethroning Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler Once Made an Honest Confession on His Mr. Olympia Win

Published 10/12/2022, 12:30 PM EDT

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The rivalry between 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and his successor, 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, has always been public. While there might still be sparks flying here and there, there’s still mutual understanding between the two. Ronnie is one of the pioneers of bodybuilding and has commanded respect for himself from his rivals and competitors.

In a documentary filmed on Ronnie’s life, called ‘The King’, many of his competitors spoke about the bodybuilding champion. Jay Cutler also happened to be one of them. However, Cutler revealed a shocking detail about his iconic win, that broke the 8x Mr. Olympia’s streak.


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“I was just better that day”: Cutler revealed details of a historic day

In the iconic 2006 Mr. Olympia championship, where Ronnie Coleman’s streak was finally broken by Jay Cutler, things weren’t as they seemed. Jay Cutler was crowned the winner in front of the entire world, besides a dejected-looking Ronnie. However, Cutler disclosed what he felt at that time. “I didn’t beat the best Ronnie Coleman ever…I was just better that day”. 

The four-time Mr. Olympia felt that both he and his rival weren’t at their bests that day. Ronnie was trying for his ninth title when time crept up on him. Cutler reportedly felt upset about winning, because he knew what the title meant to Ronnie.


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Nevertheless, the bodybuilding champion went on to win the title four times. Both icons can often be seen engaging in banter about each other in various shows and interviews. Despite the huge public rivalry, both bodybuilders respect each other’s work and dedication to the sport.

Continuing his legacy

After his four titles, the professional bodybuilder decided to retire. His reason was a loss of passion and motivation toward the sport. Post-retirement, Cutler built his own empire of health and fitness supplements. He still has a well-maintained body and works hard to keep up his image.


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While the duo may have had ups and downs in their relationship, it is safe to say that their respect and admiration towards one another will always stay on top. Both Ronnie and Cutler are now thriving as entrepreneurs and public figures.



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