“I Thought He Was Joking”: After a Year of His Saddening Loss, Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses Jim Lorimer’s Golden Advice to Change Lives

Published 03/25/2023, 8:52 AM EDT

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Losing a loved one is often a painful experience. Years after their passing, it’s the memories of the person that we hold on to. There are times when some situations or conversations make us look back at those memories or words. The same thing recently happened with the bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Last year Schwarzenegger lost his good friend and partner in crime, Jim Lorimer. Sharing a bond that lasted for 52 years, Lorimer stood by Schwarzenegger through thick and thin. More than friends, Jim was a father figure to Arnie. Through the years, Arnold Schwarzenegger received a good deal of valuable advice for Lorimer, who was over 20 years older than him. When the time came and people sought advice from Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding legend passed down what he had learned from his late friend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger remembers Jim Lorimer


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In the latest update of Schwarzenegger’s positive corner of wellness, Pump Daily, Arnie answered a few fan questions. One fan asked him for advice on how to avoid procrastinating. Addressing the question Schwarzenegger revealed, “My friend Jim Lorimer taught me the best way to avoid procrastination, and it is way too simple.” He remembered his greatest mentor and how the two ran the Arnold Classic together for decades until Lorimer passed away last year.

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Schwarzenegger recalled how in one of their meetings, the duo concluded they needed to give someone from the Sports Federation a call. So Arnie decided to write it down, so he doesn’t forget it later but was stopped by Lorimer. Instead of writing it down and leaving it for later, Lorimer asked him to make the call then and there. Arnold writes, “I pulled out a notepad and a pen, and Jim said, “Don’t write it down. Just do it.” I thought he was joking. He was not

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Realizing the hidden lesson from that action, Schwarzenegger added, “I realized he was right, half of the things I wrote down in my notepad never came to be, I was just making myself feel good by writing them there. So I started trying to never write anything down that I could do right away.” He claims this mentality has helped him immensely. However, he did not completely give up on his methods.

Implementing changes but not forgetting the roots


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While Arnold Schwarzenegger admits not leaving the task for later facilitates efficient working, the advice won’t be fruitful in every scenario. Schwarzenegger still believes some long-term tasks and goals need to be written down.

According to him, while building a routine, one should make a to-do list. Once each task is completed, it can be marked off from the list. However, the list shouldn’t be used for mundane tasks like calling an electrician. Instead, those are the tasks that should be carried out instantly, as Lorimer advised.


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The two methods shared by the bodybuilder and his late friend serve their own purpose. While Lorimer’s advice is beneficial for immediate tasks, Schwarzenegger’s methods are fruitful for long-term goals.


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