“I Will Be 300K Richer”: Nick Walker Dismisses Questions of Big Ramy Threatening His Arnold Classic 2023 Win

Published 01/21/2023, 6:45 AM EST

After finishing third at Olympia 2022, Nick Walker has now set his eyes on the Arnold Classic 2023 title. However, he will have to defeat bodybuilding sensation Big Ramy to win this title. In a 2023 video, Walker made a bold statement referring to Big Ramy who is also participating in Olympia 2023. This led to an interesting and unbelievable debate about Big Ramy and Nick Walker. 

This video was broadcasted on 21st January 2023 on the Youtube channel Olympia TV. Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, Robert Cicherillo, and Terrick El Guindy also were a part of this discussion on Arnold Classic 2023. Nick Walker’s statement on Big Ramy opened up the debate on Walker and Big Ramy’s physiques. The American bodybuilder Robert Cicherillo also gave a strong, unexpected response to Big Ramy. 

Nick Walker’s bold statement on Big Ramy’s participation and the shocking debate 


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Confirming Big Ramy’s participation by Terrick El Guindy for Arnold Classic 2023, Walker responded, “I will be 300K richer.” In other words, Walker seemed pretty confident at the prospect of Walker beating Big Ramy in Arnold Classic 2023. 

Reacting to this statement, Bob Cicherillo said, “Big Ramy can beat Nick.” Adding, Cicherillo pointed, “He has won the Olympia, you got to give him that credit.”  Further, Cicherillo said that while Big Ramy wasn’t at his best in Olympia, he had the time to resort to corrective measures. This refers to the fact that the Arnold Classic 2023 is in March and Big Ramy can take his sweet time to get back to his form. 


“Best Side Tricep in the World”: Stunned Fans Absolutely Certain of Nick Walker’s Victory at Arnold Classics 2023

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Along with these statements, Guindy steered the discussion toward Walker’s physique. While he thought Walker was impressive, not everyone present felt the same. “He’s not the most aesthetically pleasing but…he won the side chest.” He believed that Walker beat every bodybuilder including Big Ramy, Derek Lunsford, and Hadi Choopan as far as the side chest is concerned. Continuing, Guindy added, “So in certain poses…Nick Walker is already the best bodybuilder in the world.” 

While his views are debatable, Nick Walker will certainly give tough competition to other bodybuilders in Arnold Classic 2023. A reason for this is his amazing training, which he recently shared with his fans on social media. 

Nick Walker’s phenomenal quads training makes fans marvel 


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Walker shared an amazing Instagram post of his quads training on 15th January 2023. To this post, Walker added the caption, “All aboard the grain train!!!!!!!!!!”  

In this post, Walker can be seen doing squats holding a heavy dumbbell. Completely focused on his workout, the video shows Walker exercising with energetic music in the background. 


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Walker’s statement referring to Big Ramy reflects his firm belief that he will win the Arnold Classic once again. Do you think Walker can beat Big Ramy in the Arnold Classic 2023? Share your views in the comments section. 



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