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“I Will Be the Best Actor Around”: Resurfaced Video Shows Arnold Schwarzenegger Foretelling His Future at 1977 Cannes Film Festival

Published 09/15/2022, 10:45 AM EDT

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The name Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his renowned status and versatile career. He is the one who once revolutionized bodybuilding and brought it into the public eye. As a result, millions of others who wanted to be like him could join bodybuilding and its style.

In addition to carrying out his responsibilities as a public figure and million-dollar actor, Schwarzenegger has sacrificed a lot. But very few people know about his prediction regarding his career. In 1977, the Terminator fame actor boldly stated a remark regarding his acting career, which later turned out to be true. 


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The future prediction by Arnold Schwarzenegger

An old video of Arnold from 1977’s Cannes resurfaces on Facebook. In the video, the greatest bodybuilder can be spotted posing with girls on the beach. Meanwhile, he was also questioned by a reporter regarding the remarkable acting career he has ahead of him.

There he replied“The body was for me a vehicle to break into the films because I wasn’t a professional actor, so it was a very good vehicle for me. I mean, it’s a visual thing. People are interested in looking at it. Being you know the most perfectly developed man. The most muscular man.”


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Further, the Terminator fame actor added, “When I was fifteen years old, I said I would be the best or the greatest bodybuilder of all time, and I have done it. And now I’m as confident as when I was 15. I can say now I will be the best actor around.” 

Look like the legend had a time-traveling machine back then, which helped him see his success. However, his masculine physique has helped him achieve his way to Hollywood. 


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It was Arnold’s hard work 

Everyone can see it wasn’t the time-traveling machine but his confidence. The way he started working out on himself at a very young age clears his remarkable position. He set the bar in bodybuilding for ages, from competing on stage for the first time at 15 to winning six straight Mr. Olympia championships. Now, even at 75, the legend is not nearing the retirement sign. Adding a glittery touch to his career, he was also the Governor of California.


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It can be possible that Schwarzenegger will try out new different things even before turning 80-year-old. Arnie is truly an inspiration for the budding bodybuilder, actor, or any younger person.

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