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“I’m Addicted”: A 60-Year-Old Habit That Still Makes Arnold Schwarzenegger Happy

Published 02/12/2023, 9:15 AM EST

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For Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilding was a gateway to the beginning of a luxurious life. The legend, who always dreamt of becoming a top name in the US, paved his way to stardom by dedicating himself to the competitive sport. For Schwarzenegger, the sport meant more than just competing, and working out was always his top priority.

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And today, even after retirement, he continues “pumping iron” at the gym like a pro. In a recent interview, The Austrian Oak disclosed how bodybuilding changed his life for good.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and bodybuilding—a perfect match!


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In a recent interview with Morning Brew’s Sam Klebanov, Schwarzenegger said, “You get a high and it becomes addictive. You really need it.” While Schwarzenegger’s long-term goal was to become famous and live a celebrity life, he never stopped working out, even after achieving all the success.

He added, “Now, I need it all the time. Every day, when I wake up in the morning, I have to go on my bike ride, and drive down to the gym and do it. It’s not because I’m disciplined. It’s just because I’m addicted to it and I just really need this to start my day off right because this is my signal from 60 years ago, it made me happy. It was the only thing that made me happy, to get a pump and work out with my friends.”


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Starting from a small town to making it big in the US, Schwarzenegger not only fulfilled his dreams but helped in paving the path for modern bodybuilding as well as popularizing bodybuilding as a sport, in the first place. “You literally create your own world because you’re the only one that is happy, you feel great,” stated the bodybuilding great.

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While Schwarzenegger created his own road to success, his journey also inspired a million others, including former strongman champion Eddie Hall.

Eddie Hall took inspiration from Schwarzenegger


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Before entering the strongman and bodybuilding world, Hall was one of the famous British swimmers. After bagging several medals at the beginning of his sporting career, he was included in Team GB’s swimming team. However, Hall, who was extremely close to his Nan, was heartbroken when she was diagnosed with cancer.

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As he fell into depression, Hall then began to rely on drugs. This later resulted in his exclusion from the Team GB squad. But it was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s poster and his dedication to bodybuilding that became life-changing for Hall. He once revealed that Schwarzenegger’s confidence and personality, made him realize his own dreams. And soon, the strongman champion overcame his addiction and began his new journey.


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Schwarzegger’s love for bodybuilding indirectly helped Hall fight tough times and choose a new career path. Although working out may just be a way of staying fit for some, for Schwarzenegger, it is a part of himself.

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