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“I’m Not Coming Back”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up on Struggles of Migrating to USA

Published 03/04/2023, 6:30 AM EST

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A lot has been ongoing with bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger. With the ongoing Arnold Classic 2023 unfolding in Ohio, the year began with the Austrian Oak inspiring fans to pursue fitness through his newsletter. Recently, he made a rare revelation of his struggles concerning why he decided to settle in America a long time back in 1968. Relating to how people made fun of him, the Austrian Oak didn’t have the best of times initially. 

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The bodybuilding champion disclosed how he wasn’t well-versed in the English language when he arrived in America. Narrating his everyday hardships, Schwarzenegger also told fans how his initial successes during his bodybuilding career cemented his belief that he would survive. And so, he did! 

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a strong core, both inside and out 


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The Austrian Oak recounted how he felt a sense of belonging towards America since he was in mid-school. Schwarzenegger stated, “So when I finally got here in 1968, it felt like home.” Continuing, Schwarzenegger elaborated, “I literally was so excited when I got the invitation after I won Mr Universe in England that I didn’t want to go back to Munich, where I lived to get my things. I called my friends Franco and Albert and said, ‘I’m not coming back’.”

Later, Schwarzenegger stated that though his English wasn’t good, he committed himself to not speaking German for a long time. His reasoning was, “I wanted to force myself to assimilate.” However, in the process of doing so, people made fun of him. Recalling a funny exchange with a vendor, while the Austrian Oak wanted cabbage, he told the shop owner “I loved his garbage.” However, a strong-headed Schwarzenegger didn’t let this criticism crush his spirits. His perspective was, “I didn’t let it bother me because I knew I was in the right place, and that was their problem.” 


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An example of how Schwarzenegger didn’t let his accent bother him can be seen in his witty reply to Jimmy Kimmel in 2019. 


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The Austrian takes a witty dig at Jimmy Kimmel 

Kimmel told Schwarzenegger how despite living in America for so many years, his accent hadn’t changed much. Further, he asked Schwarzenegger how he had managed to stick to his accent. Schwarzenegger’s response to this was, “I think it has got something to do that I’m hanging out with Sly very often.” Referring to his earlier rival Sylvester Stallone, Schwarzenegger’s reply made the audience and Kimmel burst out laughing. 

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Accent or no accent, Schwarzenegger’s wit and spirit have never died down, wouldn’t you agree? How are you inspired by Schwarzenegger’s journey after his migration to America? Share your views in the comments section. 

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