Insanely Jacked 6’8-Tall, 385-Lbs Strongman Does Incredible Feats of Strength Without Even Showing His Face : “Not Just the Circus Freak”

Published 01/19/2023, 10:45 AM EST

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A strongman named Tom Haviland is recently winning hearts by performing unbelievable bodybuilding acts. Competing in the Pig Iron Classic in the United States, Haviland made his debut on JailHouse Strong’s YouTube channel in 2017. Starring the YouTube sensation in a recent video on Bare Strength, it displays Haviland’s breathtaking feats and personal quirks that have successfully amassed a million likes.  

The video first made its appearance on December 5, 2022. It shows Haviland lifting heavy weights and jumping with surprising strength and agility. Talking about the uniqueness of Haviland’s acts, the background commentary shows attributes about him that are most unique about his prep routine. 

Strongman Tom Haviland and his unimaginable bodybuilding exploits 


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This video showcases Haviland doing deadlifting wearing pants and long sleeve upper garments. Along with this, There are glimpses of his amazing abdominal muscles hinting at his perfect physique. “He’s insanely jacked,”  the commentator admitted. Needless to say, Haviland has maintained his muscular body well. 

Later, the video narrator also described, “It’s not the circus freak movements that he’s good at. Even his traditional barbell movements are impressive.”  The commentator related how Haviland’s acts are “world-class.”  This can be seen in the video where Haviland is seen doing an arms workout by effortlessly balancing and lifting weights. 

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Along with this, commenting on Haviland’s Herculean strength, the video narrator also describes Haviland’s strange habit. “He goes on 90 with 90s every morning…which is a 90-minute hike with a 90-pound pack. In other words, Haviland is giving a popular strongman, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson tough competition. As far as the latter is concerned, The Mountain did an unbelievable feat that earned him a world record! 

Strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson’s magnificent feat 


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Popular for lifting heavy weights, Björnsson once lifted 1105 pounds in 2020, breaking strongman Eddie Hall’s record. This engraved Björnsson’s name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Along with this, Björnsson also performed another shocking feat. 

To entertain his fans, Björnsson once bench-pressed 145 kilos. Posting a video of this unimaginable feat on Instagram, Björnsson disclosed that he did “5 reps and 3 sets.”  Needless to mention, Björnsson won the World’s Strongest man competition in 2018 and is a worthy competitor of Eddie Hall. 


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