“It’s Not a David Versus Goliath Thing”: Big Ramy’s Winning Streak Is Threatened by Confident-Looking Hunter Labrada Ahead of Mr. Olympia 2022

Published 12/10/2022, 9:45 AM EST

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The season’s Mr. Olympia’s fever has begun as bodybuilders from across the world gear up for the momentous occasion they have been waiting for. In a recent interview on YouTube, Hunter Labrada expresses his confidence to challenge the defending champion, Big Ramy, and others in the competition this year.

Besides muscularity, conditioning, and symmetry, Mr. Olympia, similar to any other bodybuilding contest, is also about mental fortitude. Some prominent names the colossal battle is going to witness this year include Big Ramy, Nick Walker, Hunter Labrada, Derek Lunsford, William Bonac, and Andrew Jacked. In the chat with the host, Dave Palumbo, Labrada explains why he thinks the battle is not a David VS. Goliath thing.


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Olympia 2022 has a crazy hype to it

It’s the final countdown. With merely a bunch of days to rage on the stage, the bodybuilders can’t wait to know the fate their physiques have for them. Labrada, who finished fourth in Mr. Olympia 2021, believes “this year is a whole different ball game in terms of conditioning.”

Besides the top contenders, Ramy and Walker, Labrada predicts the top five will see some “major major wild cards being Derek, William Bonac, and Andrew.” Furthermore, he added, he has seen them all in person and knows how competitive they are. And remarked, “At the end of the day, it’s not a David versus Goliath thing in my book.”


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Also, he said it was going to be “a little more of level playing field for him and others.” While the popular belief leans on Ramy’s side as the title winner, Labrada shares how he made an effort to condition his physique.

Will Hunter Labrada beat Big Ramy?


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Undoubtedly, year after year, the contenders work on their physiques with a scientific understanding of the winning formula and the current level of competitiveness in the sport. In light of this, Jay Cutler’s take on the 8 x Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, comes to mind.

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As massiveness made Coleman a dominating force, Cutler focussed on building his size as intimidating as Coleman’s. Similarly, Hunter Labrada shares that he focussed on developing a physique to “match up against him [Big Ramy].” Moreover, he expresses his confidence, “I can match up well.”


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That said, he also agrees Big Ramy is going to be the “biggest person on stage by far.” Speaking about his preparations to give a tough fight, Labrada said that he worked on adding size to places that need a fuller look while maintaining his waistline. “I have my shape,” he stated. What are your thoughts on Ramy chasing his third title? Will he make it?


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