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“It’s Ok to Have a Little Dysfunction” : Taking a Heed to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Advice, Elite Bodybuilder Heads Straight to the Bar

Published 01/21/2023, 10:15 AM EST

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‏Arnold Schwarzenegger is a beacon of hope and inspiration for bodybuilders even today. Affirming to this is a recent example when the bodybuilding professional Cory Gregory shared a handful of wise words that were once uttered by the Austrian Oak following which an unfeigned Gregory went to the bar. This advice that he soundly remembers was put forth when Gregory visited Schwarzenegger. 

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Cory shared his advice in a Twitter post on 21st January 2023. The co-founder of MusclePharm, Gregory first met Schwarzenegger during the Arnold Classic in 2013. After that, Gregory and Schwarzenegger shared a personal bond over the years—so much so that Schwarzenegger had once made investments in MusclePharm. However, it didn’t take much for Gregory to be awestruck by the biggest bodybuilding personality. It happened over a matter of a few wise words. 

Cory Gregory talks about the wise words shared by Arnold Schwarzenegger when the two at Arnold Classic 2013 


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In the Twitter post, Gregory declared, “Ok see ya it’s Friday and I’m heading to the bar to grab some beers with the homies.”  Later, Gregory explained how this decision was influenced by Schwarzenegger’s advice, “Hey Cory it’s ok to have a little dysfunction with all that discipline.”

Continuing, Gregory related, “Arnold said this to me one time when I was smoking cigars at his house drinking bourbon.” This indicated Schwarzenegger’s view that it’s acceptable to differ from one’s normal routine. 


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Along with this Gregory narrated, “ I was informed Arnold – Arnold! – was going to stop by the MusclePharm booth to say hello to the MP family.” As the day unfolded at the Arnold Classic 2013, the highlight of the event for Gregory was that he did not just shook hands with Schwarzenegger but also humbled when the Terminator actor expressed appreciation for an article written by Gregory for Schwarzenegger’s website.

This cemented their bond for Gregory. The magnanimous figure that the name Schwarzenegger holds has been instrumental in inspiring quite a few upcoming fitness nuts like Gregory. In this extensive list, the name Perry Higley comes up. 

Perry Higley’s phenomenal journey, fueled by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s example

Higley disclosed how he has always attempted to follow Schwarzenegger’s example in terms of fitness choices. Like how Schwarzenegger would train six days every week during his bodybuilding career, Higley too was inspired to emulate his routine. 

Talking about building his physique, Higley admitted, “It’s just training and diet.” Eating six egg whites and chicken breast, Higley has a protein-rich diet. Along with this, Higley also consumes sweet potatoes frequently. 

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Cory and Higley’s disclosures reflect how Schwarzenegger has motivated bodybuilders to make changes to their lifestyle over decades. Has Schwarzenegger inspired your life in any way? Share your views in the comments section.




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