Jay Cutler Makes a Bold Remark on 240lbs Beast Missing Arnold Classic: “I Would Have Ran So Quick To Get Ready for That Show”

Published 01/22/2023, 10:30 AM EST

Derek Lunsford stunned the world of bodybuilding with a phenomenal show and stood 2nd amidst a line-up of competitive bodybuilders in Mr. Olympia 2022. However, there is growing deliberation about his participation in Arnold Classic 2023, which has not been confirmed yet. Recently, 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler chimed in on the issue. 

In his recent episode on the Cutler Cast podcast channel, the bodybuilding legend wonders why Lunsford has not stepped in to take part in the contest. Besides, he puts himself in Lunsford’s shoes and pictures what he would have done.

Jay Cutler ran like a horse during his peak


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Sharing that there are a lot of people stepping in to compete in the Arnold Classic set to happen in six weeks, he spoke with concern and disbelief for the potential winning candidate, Lunsford. “If I could reverse back, if Jay Cutler was here and in this position, I would have ran so quick to get ready for that show.”

There was no room for resting on laurels or feeling content for The Beast until he achieved the top spot. The 4 x Mr. Olympia, known for his unwavering discipline and determination, also pointed out that at the end of a show, he wouldn’t feel exhausted. “Oh, my gosh! I need a break. I was back in the gym. The next day, I was training in the gym.” 


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That said, he mentioned Nick ‘The Mutant’ Walker, who he considers to be in phenomenal shape. Speaking about his dedication and returning to business, he said, “When I saw Nick and I’m like, dude, you need to do this.”

Derek Lunsford vs Nick Walker in the run to Arnold Classic 2023


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Although Lunsford’s participation in still a question, the bodybuilding world anticipates a tough fight between him and Walker. Cutler, for his part, agreed with it. He explained that they share similarities in their physiques with the only difference being their heights. 


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Walker is sure to present himself with a stronger and more confident mindset to repeat history and hold on to his title as the Olympia People’s Champion. With Big Ramy’s latest announcement of his entry to the contest, fans can’t wait to see how this season is going to turn out for the pro bodybuilders. What are your thoughts about Arnold Classic 2023?

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