“This Dudes Are Not Doing Anything” ‘Creepy Men’ in Gym Claim of Influencer Leaves Fitness World With Mixed Reactions

Published 01/29/2023, 5:30 PM EST

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Enclosed public spaces often increase the chances of misunderstandings. This was what Joey Swoll explained on his social media, after looking at a viral video. The TikTok featured a woman training and filming in the gym while noticing and calling one of the gym-goers a creep for staring at her.

While the video went viral on the social media platform, the audience grew suspicious of the entire setting. While many questioned her intention of filming in the gym, some also commented on how the person didn’t seem like a gym creep to them. Swoll had his two cents ready to share with his fans.

Joey Swoll provides some perspective on the incident


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The video began with the woman capturing the man-in-question for a frame or two, where he looked at her briefly. The camera then panned at her working out, while she claimed through texts in the video that the staring persisted. However, the audience began giving counter-perspectives under the comments and the video blew up. And Swoll decided to jump on the bandwagon too.

The fitness influencer took to his Twitter account, and justified the man looking at her, explaining how gym-goers were bound to look at their fellows. Since the gym is an enclosed public space, it’s natural that one’s eyes might land on someone. Does this mean they’re a gym creep? According to Swoll, not always. Fans swarmed his Twitter post with a wide variety of opinions.


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However, a lot of people tried to add a different perspective on the situation. One even pointed out that “Most of the time, this dudes are not doing anything.”

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Meanwhile, some fans were harsh towards the woman who, they claimed, filmed and accused the man, to grab attention. With comments pointing out how this has become a trend among young trainees, people got scathing with their opinions.

Regardless, the topic ended on an optimistic note. After facing public backlash the creator – Jessica Fernandez – apologized and promised to do better. Swoll also cleared the air on the alleged ‘creep’, when some fans came up to him and mentioned how the man was actually a kind gym-goer who didn’t deserve the hate.


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So, all’s well that ends well?

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