Man Who Slammed Organ Eater Liver King Slammed Superstar Chris Hemsworth for Selling Workout to Attain Thor-Like Physique in 2022: “Kettlebell Workouts and S**T”

Published 04/01/2023, 12:10 PM EDT

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After exposing the Liver King for taking steroids, bodybuilding expert Derek took a potshot at actor Chris Hemsworth on his YouTube channel More Plates, More Dates. Naming Hemsworth as one of the “Fake Nattys” on his YouTube channel in 2022, Derek criticized Hemsworth’s fitness app Centr. Describing how the app gave fitness enthusiasts a wrong impression, he implied that Hemsworth should be more transparent while posting content on his fitness app Centr.
Derek’s revelations came against a backdrop of fans’ negative backlash for the app in 2021 where they had strongly reacted to Hemsworth’s Instagram post promoting the Centr app. In this post, Hemsworth used before and after photos of users who have developed their physiques through the app’s help. Shockingly, fans also told Hemsworth not to use roid users’ photos to promote his app and give the impression of achieving an amazing physique, similar to the Thor actor. So what was Derek’s blunt and unfiltered opinion on the app?

Derek’s honest and  controversial opinion on Chris Hemsworth’s app

In this 2022 YouTube video, Derek related how there was an issue with the Centr app where “a lot of the workouts in there are based around ‘How to get the physique at 4.” Derek then gave his opinion, “Obviously these are kettlebell workouts and sh*t.” Evidently, the YouTube star is convinced that these workouts will not help to build a Thor-like physique. Later, although he admitted that these workouts were cool and would help to achieve fitness, yet he pointed out the reality, “You’re not going to look like a f***ing Chris out there. “


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Afterward, Derek advised Hemsworth, “Just be a bit more transparent….” While he agreed that the workout and diet suggestions were not bad, he pointed out a plain truth for him that he could not ignore. “When I gain 30 pounds of muscle for a role, it’s because of my gear,. not because of my f***ing kettlebell swings.”
Derek does not shy away from his strong criticism of the app’s content which he referred to as “kettlebell workouts” earlier. He wasn’t the only bodybuilding enthusiast who had given his unique take on the Thor actor. Popular commentator Joe Rogan also gave his unique perspective on Chris Hemsworth, also giving his blunt opinion on whether Hemsworth took steroids.

Joe Rogan’s strong views on Christopher Hemsworth

While Rogan implied that Hemsworth was accused by fans for taking steroids, he didn’t discredit Hemsworth’s hard work. In a June 2022 conversation with Andrew Schulz, he revealed his perspective, “For sure USADA’s not knocking on Hemsworth’s door, but, you don’t get that big without immense amounts of hard work.”
Later, he criticized the over-hyped perspective that Hemsworth was taking steroids, pointing out they should just relax. It seems, that Rogan has tried to maintain a balanced stance instead of taking away from the actor’s efforts.
Derek’s views raise questions on how useful and relevant the Centr app is to help users achieve optimum fitness. What are your views about the Centr app? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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