106-Year-Old Grandma Who Attended MLB Legend Babe Ruth’s First-Ever Game Inspires Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ex-Wife Maria Shriver

Published 03/10/2023, 7:39 AM EST

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Maria Shriver seeks inspiration from a wide range of people. Old or young, the ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger believed that life lessons lay in every nook and corner. Recently, she derived joy from a grandma who witnessed and experienced changing eras throughout her life. And this grandma was a treasure trove of stories!

Shriver shared a recent video from the popular Instagram page, Recess Therapy. The video featured kids interviewing a 106-year-old grandma about her life. What stood out was not only her positive disposition but also her star-studded moment at an old baseball match. Grandma Marie had met one of the greatest baseball legends.

Maria Shriver’s fascination with the old and young together


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Right off the bat, the video jumped into many curious questions by a group of children sitting around Marie. “Oh I’m old enough to know better” she laughs when one of the kids asked what her age was. The 106-year-old saw a century’s worth of changes and transitions across the world, and Shriver respected that.

In her caption, the journalist reflected upon how one could learn so much from both the young and the old. And when the two generations interacted, the resulting conversation could provide the key to knowledge and growth. As Marie spoke about some of her adventures, the host of Recess Therapy, Julian Shapiro-Barnum, had an important question.


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“I was told that you were at Babe Ruth’s first baseball game,” said Julian. As it turns out, Marie did indeed watch legendary MLB champion George Herman “Babe” Ruth and met up with him once. While that indicates how the grandma lived through different ages, her interaction with the kids had a deep impact on Maria Shriver. The journalist ended her note by reflecting on how one had so much to learn from others. Shriver often shares various inspirational stories on her social media.



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Back when a 97-year-old grandpa touched Maria Shriver’s heart

Previously, the journalist highlighted a grandpa’s sweet gesture for his wife that went viral on the internet. A 97-year-old man took it upon himself to show his wife some love and appreciation with a small yet meaningful act.


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In the video, the grandpa brought a cup of tea for his wife, who was sitting on a chair. When he set the cup on the table, however, he turned the handle of the cup towards his wife, so she could pick it up easily. This small gesture could’ve gone unnoticed. Yet, Shriver stressed the importance of such small acts of love that got life rolling more smoothly. Inspiration and life lessons came in with every seemingly insignificant moment, and Shriver loved that.

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