“Dude Is Freakin’ Huge”: Slovakian Bodybuilding Beast’s Monster Biceps Leave Fans in Disbelief

Published 02/22/2023, 7:45 AM EST

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Ever since Michal Krizo entered the bodybuilding circuit, he has left everyone, including former bodybuilding greats, gasping for breath. 4X Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler was one of the earliest proponents of Krizo. His insanely jacked physique has created a whirlwind in the bodybuilding world. With an ever-increasing fan base on social media, people are repeatedly obsessed and awestruck by Krizo’s massive biceps.

More recently, Krizo took to his Instagram again to display his mammoth arms in all their glory. Standing at 6″1′ height and weighing 290 lbs, Krizo’s biceps still manages to snatch all the attention among fans. Let’s look at some of their reactions.

Michal Krizo’s arms are a thing of beauty, and no one disagrees


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This wasn’t the first time the Slovak bodybuilding beast shared a picture of his physique displaying his arms. But nevertheless, it never ceases to amaze his fans. The sheer size of it is enough for anybody to lose their mind over and over again. Here’s how they reacted:

“He will be the next Ronnie Coleman”


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“What a Human so proud huge blessings upon you!”

“Reminds me of Greg Kovaxs huge. Guy has genetics. JS”

“Slovak steel”

“Dude is freakin’ huge”

“Had the Best Genetics in the World”: Slovak Bodybuilder Receives Heartfelt Support From Fans After Defeat at Mr. Olympia 2022

“The dude hit the genetic lottery then 💉💉💉it’s all history now”

“Ronnie+big ramy =michalkrizokrizanek”


“no one have so big arms”

Praises for him ranged from drawing wild comparisons with former greats to simply calling him out for his otherworldly genetics. In the post, Krizo was wearing a blue vest and flexing his muscles the best he can. His veins were popping all across his body and arms. With all the reactions fans have shared for the best before, they didn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on his physique after the Olympia.

Michal Krizo has the undying support of his fans


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Days after the Olympia was over, Krizo posted another picture of his ripped physique and fans were losing it after recalling his performance at the Olympia. They couldn’t digest the fact that Krizo didn’t win. Michal Krizo entered Mr. Olympia 2022 with a lot of fanfare. It was his debut appearance on the biggest stage in bodybuilding, and naturally faced immense competition from multiple-time contenders. Krizo landed the 12th spot, falling behind the likes of Brandon Curry, Nick Walker, Derek Lunsford, etc.


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Krizo might not have won the competition last year, but fans are convinced that an Olympia victory is soon incumbent upon him. Meanwhile, he continues to work out and mesmerize everyone with his ever-growing and ever-bulging arms.

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