After his professional bodybuilding days came to a close, Jay Cutler did not idle his days away. He started his own YouTube channel, and now runs a podcast and a newsletter series. Most of his discussions and advice revolve around fitness, muscle building, and strength. Recently in his newsletter, Cutler shared a key piece of information regarding the cons of a popular training technique, and suggested a better alternative.

Cutler explained that he has avoided a particular training method throughout his bodybuilding career. Instead, he has relied on dumbbells, and an effective machine press on most days.

Jay Cutler deliberately preferred dumbbells over the bench press


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The heavy flat bench press is one of the most common training exercises that fitness enthusiasts resort to in the gym. However, Cutler dispels the myth by citing his own example from his professional days. He writes about his preferences in the newsletter, saying, “Throughout my professional bodybuilding career I always said I preferred to stay away from heavy flat bench press, and use dumbbells instead”.

Adding another anecdote, The Beast wrote, “However, something I do like to do on chest day is used flat Smith Machine press on certain occasions”. Unlike bench presses that build overall strength, the Smith Machine Press targets the shoulders, triceps, and chest to strengthen those specific muscles.

Cutler further explained the reasons why Smith Machine Press is a better option to avail over regular bench press. Turns out, it aids in manipulating the angle, to attain the perfect pec stimulations.

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Cutler explains the advantages of the Smith Machine over a flat bench press


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Advocating for the machine press, Cutler wrote, “The Smith Machine does not require as much stabilization from you as a free bar bench press, so I find that you can manipulate the angle a little more to get the perfect angle for maximal stimulation across the pecs”. Given that a Smith Machine improves certain localized muscles, Cutler’s advice is helpful for efficient training without overtiring oneself. A Smith Machine lets one freely reset their position. However, a regular bench press would’ve only drained unnecessary energy from the triceps and shoulders.


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Lastly, Cutler writes, “With the Smith Machine Bench Press, I like lighter weight and constant tempo with the reps, to really create as much tension as possible”.  The benefits of the machine press over the regular press must definitely come useful for many fitness enthusiasts around the world. What do you think of these revelations?

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