“Too Many of Us Think We’re Going to Sc**w Up”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares the Biggest Factor Holding Us From Achieving Our Goals

Published 04/08/2023, 10:20 AM EDT

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with his daily dose of motivation for everyone. However, this time the bodybuilding legend seeks to uplift the majority from an overbearing thought that hampers effective work. The fear of failing to regularly maintain a fixed routine, the overpowering thought of giving a complete makeover to one’s lifestyle, etc. are some of the thoughts that linger on most people’s minds. But the 7X Mr. Olympia has a solution for everyone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has an important bit of advice for everyone who gives up too easily, or those whose pessimistic thoughts stand in their way of progress like a dam in a river. He suggests starting slow and easy and then taking it from there to higher levels. Sky is the limit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice on building good habits


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This Friday, Arnold Schwarzenegger was back with his newsletter, ‘Arnold’s Pump Club’. And this time, as usual, the Terminator star tackled 3 different topics – “Can you out-train a bad diet?”, “Arnold on outsmarting burnout and overcoming setbacks”, and “Weekend challenge”. The first topic is the area of concern here. Schwarzenegger, who once resented awful 70s health products shops, talks about simply sticking to healthier foods like fruits and vegetables here.


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Schwarzenegger starts with an old adage about denying the possibility of out-training a bad diet but insists that exercise always helps. He soon moves on to the “self-fulfilling prophecy” which is “part of the reason” most people “fall short of their goals”. Schwarzenegger wrote, “Too many of us think we’re going to screw up… But it doesn’t have to be that way; you can follow a less-restrictive, stress-free plan that lets you eat what you love and build healthier habits”.

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Schwarzenegger understands that starting out with a complete plan can be difficult for anyone initially. This is why he insists on doing the basic things like “starting with a walk”, and then trying to manifest that into bigger, more focus-oriented goals. He also provides another interesting take on the subject.

Schwarzenegger urges people to know their worth


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Schwarzenegger states that there are a lot of people who are determined to master healthy habits. However, they have a pre-planned notion of a single master diet plan. Which, hard as it is, when they fail to achieve, makes them feel a little less worthy. But the solution isn’t just sticking to one plan, but being open to any health plan. Mastering any healthy habit, suitably catering to each individual could do wonders.

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He ended his passage with the quote, “Don’t let perfection stand in the way of progress”. Anybody can achieve what they want if only they don’t let their inhibitions stand in the way. Sky is the limit, and our only obstacle on the way there is us.


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