Through an Instagram post back in 2020, Chris Bumstead shared something about his parents. Fitness legend Chris Bumstead is one of the most successful bodybuilders. He has a huge fan following. Bumstead talks about how his parents were key to his success. He is also very grateful to them for everything they have done for him.

Chris Bumstead, also known as Cbum, hails from Ottawa, Canada. From a young age of 14, Bumstead had set his sights on becoming a bodybuilder. He did achieve his dream, with the full support of his parents. Although he lost his social life in exchange for following his passion, Bumstead never knew when to give up and just kept moving forward in his life.


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Chris Bumstead’s key to success was his parents

Chris Bumstead is very shy, which for a bodybuilder is kind of troublesome. But with the support of his parents, mostly his father, he overcame his troubles.

“At my first ever Mr Olympia my parents got in line at my booth to come say hi and ask for my autograph,” Bumstead said. Bumstead mostly talks about his father in the post. He even says how he got his calm nature from his father and the emotional and talkative parts from his mother. 



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Just a small example of the support they’ve given me throughout my life,” Bumstead said, and continued, “Grateful for you and the endless lessons you have to teach me.” 

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Despite having all the success and fame, Bumstead has often reiterated how he will always be grateful to his parents and won’t ever forget their contribution to his life.

The “King of Classic Physique” Chris Bumstead

Bumstead was born and brought up in the capital city of Canada, and he always tried to follow the path of his parents. He was also a popular guy at his university, but chose bodybuilding over his social life.

Bumstead is widely known as the ‘King of Classic Physique’. And, he hasn’t been dethroned since 2019. After being a runner-up in 2017 and 2018, he went all out in 2019.


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Bumstead is hungry for more titles, and he won’t be retiring until his hunger is satisfied. He will keep participating and keep his dominance in the classic physique category. Behind the success of a legend like Chris Bumstead, there are always other significant personalities who would’ve contributed to his growth. In his case, its none other than his parents.


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Do you think Chris Bumstead will retire after winning one more Olympia title? How do you think Chris Bumstead would do in open bodybuilding?

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