Golden Era Bodybuilding Legend Claims “Olympia Has Lost its Identity, and That the Arnold Classic Has Lost its Reputation”

Published 09/24/2022, 2:28 PM EDT

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The sport of bodybuilding has always been super competitive, with new faces joining the ranks every day. And, while thousands dream to win a Mr. Olympia title or an Arnold classic, only a few can ever succeed. Champions are sparse to come and legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Jay Cutler only come in a lifetime.

But, along with changing times, changes in the aesthetics of the sport have been noticed. As times have progressed, more and more mass-monster bodies have replaced the erstwhile greek-like bodies. This, added to some very significant decisions in Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic competitions, has made some veterans question the current value of it all. And, one of those very people is the “Quadfather” of bodybuilding, Tom Platz.


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The Bodybuilding icon Tom Platz comments on the current stage events

On September 21st, 2022, Tom Platz, known best for his 30-inch quads, spoke about the deteriorating standards of physique sports. He compared the ionic shows like Mr. America, clearly showcasing the different aesthetics of the ages. During its advent, the stage of Mr. America was not just for muscular bodies. Also, one needed to have clean skin and well-groomed hair, along with an intellectual persona.


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And, Platz also commented on how the greater known stages of Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic are degrading more rapidly. Platz commented, “Olympia has lost its identity, and that the Arnold Classic has lost its reputation.” And, that newer creed of bodybuilders thinks winning a Mr. Olympia is all they have to accomplish. In this way, according to him, “Mr. America is trying to bring that iconic competition back.”

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Tom Platz- the story of an uncrowned king

Many physique athletes have had their wins and losses, but perhaps none were as deserving as Platz. Born in 1955, his first professional stage was sometime in the 1970s and he shined. Although Tom was never crowned Mr. Olympia, he was certainly a towering figure on the stage. He was a fan favorite at the 1981 stage but lost it to Franco Columbu.


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Platz’s popularity was untouchable, he was widely sought out for his tree-trunk-like quads. And, his quads are still thoughts to be the thickest in bodybuilding’s history.

Notably, that is exactly where Tom’s own passion lies. He currently holds masterclasses on leg development and the art of bodybuilding. And, if his official Instagram is to be believed, he is still in incredible shape.


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