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“All Publicity Is Good Publicity”: Though the Fans Remain Divided, 25x World Record Powerlifter Still Stands by Her OnlyFans Stance

Published 02/11/2023, 10:15 AM EST

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The debate on Stefi Cohen’s remark on the OnlyFans community continues to spread like fire on the internet. The powerlifter has yet again shared another post related to the issue. Adding fuel to the fire and reasserting her stance, Stefi Cohen recently posted another photo on her Instagram. In this photo, the athlete flaunted her muscles in a dark green velvet bikini.

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Furthermore, through her caption, she subtly took a dig at the antis who called her a hypocrite. It further infuriated the already upset Instagram users. However, there was a majority in the comments section who complimented her for the bold move and stance. As Cohen sticks to her ideologies and opinion, the internet continues to engage in the debate.

Internet stands divided as Stefi Cohen shares a photo in a bikini after her OnlyFans comment


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While sharing the photo of herself in a green bikini, Stefi Cohen wrote, “She’s a hypocrite because she always posts pictures of her body ☕️🐸😮‍💨🥲 #feminist.” Soon the comments section was flooded by different Instagram users who shared their divided opinion. One user questioned why she keeps on posting about it instead of moving from the topic. To this, another user replied, “it gets her the engagement. All publicity is good publicity even bad publicity.”

Baffled by the entire situation, another user wrote, “How do all these people miss that it is all about the intention of the post? “I intend to inspire people with fitness” vs “I intend to give people a thirst trap” is completely different!! How people perceive the images is out of her hands.”


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Inspired by Cohen‘s strong personality, one user commented, “Do you even care about all the hate and the trivial comments coming your way? You shouldn’t. You’re an inspiration to many.” Another one wrote, “It’s crazy how many people are triggered by someone’s opinion on Only Fans. It shouldn’t be controversial to say that these girls prey on vulnerable men and contribute to their loneliness and general decline in their quality of life.”

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However, there were still people who were upset with Cohen’s statement. One such user wrote, “@steficohen some people don’t have that privilege some people do it because they don’t have a choice or some people do it cuz it makes them feel good but to say that that profession isn’t honest and for people without a brain is f***ed up and very anti feminist.” Another one added, “well, you did imply that onlyfans girls were immoral (amoral?) so there’s that.


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As the internet remains divided over Stefi Cohen’s statement, let us know your views on the matter.



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