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“Your Opinions Are Outdated”: Bodybuilding Icon Receives Heavy Backlash for Her Stance on OnlyFans

Published 02/10/2023, 9:15 AM EST

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Pro Boxer and fitness enthusiast, Stefi Cohen, has been under a lot of fire recently for her take on the Only Fans community. The controversy began when Cohen hosted an “Ask me anything” session on Instagram. An Instagram user asked her if she has plans of starting an Only Fans account. Instead of answering in the story, Cohen recorded a video and shared it on her profile. Cohen in the video said, “I would never opt for selling my body“. She reasoned that she “doesn’t want to capitalize on the vulnerability of men.”

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Furthermore, Cohen added that she doesn’t feel like she’ll be contributing something valuable to society if she goes down that road. While at the beginning Cohen mentioned that this is just her personal opinion and not an assumption about the community, her statements didn’t sit well with the netizens. Cohen was brutally trashed on the internet. Following the initial post, Cohen recently shared a post attaching photos of the response she has been receiving.

Stefi Cohen gets grilled on the internet


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Earlier today, Stefi Cohen once again took to her Instagram to some screenshots following the Only Fans controversy. The first photo shared the message that not everyone can/should choose the same path. The rest were the responses she received after her first post. Among these, there was one photo where an individual had shared an NSFW photo. The user tagged Cohen with the caption, “your opinions are outdated.

Soon after the post was uploaded, angry netizens made their way to the comments section. Referring to the abovementioned photo, one user wrote, “Woof. @steficohen Now you’re reposting photos of women’s a**es without their explicit consent because you were held accountable? Yikessssss. At least add her cashapp next time: @rachlk.”


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Another user commented, “Just because you don’t understand how you offended other women doesn’t mean that you didn’t offend other women. Disappointed in the limited line of thinking here. Unfollowed.” A third user wrote, “It’s so disappointing to see you miss the point so hard and twist the narrative of why people are actually upset with you. I really hope one day you’ll take responsibility for what you said and look into why you subconsciously have those feelings towards SW.

Explaining Cohen’s fault, one user wrote, “I think it is HOW you phrased it that makes me people have resentment towards your opinion. Like the whole ‘contributing’ to society bit… Probably should’ve phrased it as ‘I want my contribution to society to be something else…’ this way you make it clear OF isn’t what you want and don’t paint those who do it in a negative light.”


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In her initial post, Cohen mentioned that she received an offer of $40000 to make an account. However, she declined it because she feels uncomfortable. Furthermore, it doesn’t make her feel like a valuable contributing member of society. This sparked the entire controversy. As the fire continues to spread, let us know your take on the matter.

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