With his four Mr. Olympia titles, Jay Cutler has sculpted his name in the history of bodybuilding. Even after hanging up his boots from competitions in 2016, Jay Cutler never took a break from his workout regime. In fact, the retired bodybuilding legend is now sharing his insights with the neophytes to excel in the sport. The IFBB pro takes on his social media and writes newsletters to pass on his wisdom, just as he did recently.

Today, Cutler, who has decades of bodybuilding experience, shared another insightful piece of information in his newsletter. Notably, the legend addressed effective workouts to build strong traps. Let’s check out Cutler’s augmenting back workout exercises. 

Cutler explains why lifting heavy is not the solution  


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In his recent newsletter, the former Mr. O mentioned how people, “end up training their traps, when they are in fact trying to isolate their delts, lats, and Rhomboids.” Moreover, he also attributed lifting too heavy weights behind this. As he wrote, “Trying to go too heavy, and sacrificing exercise form.”

Being the source of constant motivation, Cutler wanted to correct the form and suggested effective workouts that would develop the targeted muscle. He recommended cutting down the weight if it looks like a “shrug” while doing bent-over rows. According to the IFBB pro, it’s important to feel the movement of the muscle, and hefty weight can hinder that.

Then the beast asked his reader to question themselves, “Am I trying to go too heavy?” To answer this, Cutler indicated a transformed approach that would help to get rid of injuries. He added in his newsletter, “Swallow your ego and start training smarter, you will get better results and reduce your risk of injury.”

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The expert further talked about the mistakes most people do while performing side lateral dumbbell raises. He instructed that too much weight would make the traps go up and down, and that’s certainly not intended. So, Cutler asked the rookies to focus on the targeted spot and correct their form to get a better result just like he advised while suggesting chest exercises in his previous newsletter.

Cutler has a customized chest workout

Most fitness enthusiasts prefer the heavy flat bench press in the gym. But the legend debunked the practice and opened up about how he leaned on using dumbbells rather than the flat bench press. He also added by saying, “However, something I do like to do on chest day is used flat Smith Machine press on certain occasions.”


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Cutler preferred the Smith Machine as it focuses on specific areas like the shoulder, triceps, and chest rather than the flat bench press, which builds overall strength. It also aids in creating definitions to attain the perfect pec stimulations.

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Though there are ample instructions available on the internet, it holds a unique value when it comes from the legend himself. Do tell us in the comments about your views on his corrections.