“That’s a Waste of Genetics”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Baena’s Latest Body Transformation Leaves Bodybuilding Fans in Splits

Published 10/22/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

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Dancing provides several health advantages, including weight loss, like most physical or cardio exercises. In addition, it helps in making muscles stronger if done with a proper diet. Presently, a perfect example of this definition can be Joseph Baena, son of dynamic bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. 


Baena has made his fans go bonkers with his dance moves since he entered the Dancing with the Stars show. However, as Joseph reached the “prom night” episode, he was eliminated.


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Recently he shared the benefits of these six weeks with his fans on Instagram. Meanwhile, as usual, his admirers showered Joseph with motivating comments, whereas some called him out for not using his full potential. 

Fans calling out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s genes after seeing Joseph

Joseph is climbing the golden ladder of his career by following in his father’s footsteps. The latest video of him flexing his body can remind anyone of the young days of Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Joseph captioned his two before and after videos, “No one asked for it, but I thought I would share the physique difference from the beginning of @dancingwiththestars to the end of it (6 weeks).” But the attention-grabbing thing was the before and after weight, which he mentioned in the caption below. 


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According to him, his weight when he entered the show was 205 lbs, but later, as six weeks passed, his weight currently stands at 195lbs. On this, one user wrote, “Mr.O is calling you.” While another called him his father’s twin, “Someone gets this man on some serious juice! He would be the twin of his pops.” On the other hand, one noted, “With no gear, that’s a waste of good genetics. We want to see your full potential. Ask daddy to build you a cycle, lol.”


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Another fan added, “You shoulda gone further! Period. Dot.” Another said, “Pump up the ballroom is real.” Meanwhile, the twin comments were flowing non-stop in the comment section. Following this, one penned, “You look amazing, and you are your dad’s twin!!!” Another comment called out DWTS: “They did you wrong, Mr. Baena! So much wrong.”

On the other hand, a fan called out his genes, saying, “You got your dad’s genes.” While one saw a younger Schwarzenegger in him, “In second I can see younger @schwarzenegger in everything so great genetic.” Another asked for Arnold’s movie remake, “Conan remake make it happen @schwarzenegger.”

A mention quoted, “Incredible stuff, brother, some great genetics.” While one questioned him, “Are you going to continue dancing?” Meanwhile, someone penned, “Soon terminator 2.0 to be.” Apart from encouraging comments, one asked, “You single?” Joseph’s followers have been curious about his love life for a long time because he loves keeping things within a limit. 


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Fans in bewilderment at Arnold’s son’s love life

As Baena found some relaxation with the long-ongoing controversy about his father’s love life, he made a place for his name in the fitness world. In addition, his love life also started getting the media’s attention. From 2017 to 2019, Joseph dated a model, Savannah Wix. 

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But as they parted ways, Joseph started dating Nicky Dodaj. However, there is not much clarity on Baena’s side regarding his current relationship status. But he constantly updates his body-building progress while encouraging his fan base.


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